Your suggestions for developing a new 26800 charger?

Just dreaming.
Having a select-able cut off voltage would be wonderful.
I’ve always wanted a charger that I could set 4.1v (or ??) as the max charge voltage.
And 3.6??v for a storage charge.

USB-PD can handle up to 100 watts so it’s not a limitation. 5 amps would be great, but my suspicion is that would be costly. I’m starting to like the idea of 2 chargers:

One cheap one, 1-2 bays, current is fixed at 3A (unless you’re using a lower-powered USB source), just some indicator LED’s.

And then a really nice charger (probably an update to/replacement for VP4 Plus) that can do super high current like 5+ amps and has all the testing features and a nice display.

I would LOVE that on a premium charger. When I do regulation testing I have to keep manually removing the battery to check the voltage and test brightness every 0.2V. Being able to just set the termination voltage instead of me having to baby it and keep pulling the battery out and testing would be INCREDIBLE.

Given that there are plenty of countries where 26800s are not available, or not shipping to (like Australia), you would need to be careful around which countries these chargers would be sold in.
Maybe just develop a magnetic charger with polarity detection like the one from Olight, but more advanced?

I would respectfully disagree. I wanted at least 85mm slots just to have room to get 21700 cells in and out with plenty of room for my fingers. I would have bought the lengthened chargers without access to 26800 cells. I’ve torn a few cell wrappers from it just being too tight a fit on short slots. 15-20mm’s extra length won’t put any of these chargers over the top in size. 99% of my charging in done at home on a desk with plenty of room for that extra length. ANT-MC1 Plus is my portable charger. Add some 19mm’s to bring it to 90mm charging length and it’ll still be a small charger.

Universal charger …
Design the contacts to handle anything from 18650 and up to 26800 …
Maybe call it your large battery charger …

Charge rates - 500mAh - 1000mAh - 2000mAh ( Not sure you need more than that )
2 Bay Charger ?

Most of the time , I’m only charging one or two batteries … ( But thats me )

Maybe one day ? A small battery charger …

With charge current starting at 100mAh / 250mAh / 500mAh ( Nice slow charging for small batteries ) …

the BLF charger does 26900 no problem

Have a 3.8V storage charge and 4.0V working charge. And of course 4.2V like every other charger.

The 4.0V is to allow charging to 80% for those who want to extend battery life but still have good battery capacity for everyday use. I have never seen a 4.0V feature on a charger so this would be an innovative feature.

Also the ability to show voltage or percent on the display, so the user change choose which one they prefer, i want voltage being an enthusiast but someone else might prefer percent.

the BlueSwordM one? I did ask him for the up to 26800 if not 26950, but his reply was

The 26900 would be welcome even by the 21700 guys, so that you can easy put it in, and out.

Ps. for the charger, the 2 slot 26900 at the same time capable charger is enough.
The feature that BLF want, is to have te option to select and memorize, the max voltage to charge up to, most people would be happy to charge li-ion up to 4.1V or 4.15V max

The problem (of course) is that to stretch the slots to fit 800s and 980s, that means the slider-spring needs to be made of some miracle material to also grab onto 340s and 350s (ie, 16340s and 18350s).

Even in my Ope that only stretches to baaaaaaarely fit 21700s, it also barely rests against the case of 18350s/16340s, and to make good contact I typically also have to wedge something in the open area to push the slider more firmly against the cell.

I’m glad to see this development. :slight_smile:

Can it be easier to make an adapter for the 26800?

(This is not my adapter.)

I'm thinking it would be easier, but if I wanted to get into 26800 cells, I would want a proper charger that doesn't require an adapter.

I would take the adapter, its very spiffy and can be customized to many sizes!

Well, one adapter for one 26800 would probably be cheaper than an entirely new charger.

Indeed, plus its future proofing, whatever new size comes out just buy an adapter.

I like that ….

I would also like to have an adapter to use with my existing chargers.

An inexpensive 2x 26800 charger (starting at 2Amps or higher), which means if it is USB-powered, this may have to use USB-PD (maybe only use QC3.0 if the price difference is going to be really big for USB-PD vs QC2/3).

As for a full-featured charger (capacity testing), I think a higher discharge current (maybe 0.75A or 1A) would be desired to grade large capacity batteries (a 6800mAh battery at 300mA discharge current is going to take around 23 hours to discharge, and that does not include the charging phase yet). Although 1A may need proper cooling (cooling fan may add cost)

Too True.
I’d say make 18650 the smallest battery it will take. Trying to make a charger that fits everything - means it’s a poor choice at the ends of the size range.
Consider this a charger for larger higher capacity batteries. The world is full of chargers for smaller batteries and NiMh.
Don’t cripple the design by trying to be a one size fits all device.

As far as power supplies - A 12v-14.4v power supply included with the charger would be ideal.
Then the charger could be connected to a cars 12~14v power for charging in an Auto or other 12v portable source.
All the Best,

  1. Dual bay.
  2. 3A/ channel.
  3. Li-ION chemistry only.
  4. Support 18650 to 26800(with few extra mm).
  5. PD support would be nice.
  6. Provide all those extra features from Dragon VP4 and more.
  7. No "speedometer" style display please.
  8. Willing to pay up to $28.

I’m going to say no to adapters at this point it’s a bad idea. Look we have a company that is the largest builder of Lithium-ion battery chargers. That company with a really great reputation came here and said “We would like to build a charger for you, give us some ideas.” We’re already offering a compromise instead of a from the ground up new product. Lets be bold and take them up on the offer.

1. Single bay stretched ANT-MC1 Plus just stretched to 90mm’s
2. Dual bay, 2A each channel, battery voltage, charge mAh, compatible with 18650 - 26800, test battery real capacity.