YouTube Channels of Interest - while we wait

What to watch while we wait for whatever.
What Tubers do you find entertaining or informative to watch?
I have quite enough virus media in my face from various places.

Don’t put virus related stuff here.
Let’s take a look at something entertaining or ?

Post a link and a short description.

Here are a few of mine.

Bertram - Craft and Wilderness.
Wonderful relaxing – QUIET – Vids of a single fellow doing bush-craft and blacksmithing in traditional ways. A vast departure from the normal “Outdoor Prep” types.
Really good production values for just one guy with a camera.

Smarter Every Day.
A science geek who presents all sorts of topics –
Very good production values.

Alex Steele
A young UK blacksmith who moves to the US.
He builds beautiful stuff. His Damascus blades are amazing.
His site has some of the best production values on the Tube.

Paul Harrell
A gun guy that has non of the macho “Operator, Ninga” crap.
OK – but not great production values.
But who can pass up a video when someone says:
“Let’s see how it performs on the meat target”

Various magnet fishing Vids.
Until you get board it’s fun to see what they pull up.
In the UK it seems bicycles are the top catch. With the occasional old gun and sometimes a grenade or bomb!
Here is one that’s not all that great production wise, but the joy this boy has being out with his dad in infectious.

The Slingshot Channel
What do you get when you mix The Terminator with rubber bands?
This Guy.

Fool Us
Penn and Teller review magicians who try to fool them with their tricks.
There doesn’t seem to be a particular channel for this.
Just enter Fool Us in the YouTube search and you will get a zillion hits.
Also you may see an ad for a Master Class in magic by P & T.
And you get to hear Teller speak.
Often you can find a link to another video where someone thinks they know the technique.

So what do you recommend to while away the time?

Hand made boat building the Tally Ho. … EXCELLENT…!!!


How about Survivorman (Les Stroud) dealing with isolating in this 5 minute video.

the 8 bit guy, does some nice stuff with old computers

I don’t have any links to add but just want to say this is a superb idea for a thread.
Carry on, folks. :slight_smile:

I just look up videos I see on TBD (“Animals Unscripted”, “Best Of The Week”, “Fail Factory”, etc.).


Marc Felton - interesting War stuff
Curious Marc - Makes old stuff, repairs the complete Apollo computer
Curious Droid

Trent and Allie

Watching rerun of "What My Line". They go back to 1952, the year I was born. It's amazing the kinesope recordings survived.

Good Idea.

Adam Savage’s Tested - 1/2 of Mythbusters fame

Alien’s Guide - Synopsis of movies from an aliens perspective

Ahoy - Video game documentaries

Angry Video Game Nerd - Angry old video game reviews

Big Clive - Soothing tears downs of electronics

CPPgrey - Educational entertainment

CineFX Movie analysis for movie buffs

Corridor - VFX youtube shorts

Corridor Crew - VFX artist shenanigans / insight

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared - Puppet nightmare

EEVblog - Aussie electronic engineer banter

engineerguy - ‘How It’s Made’ told from engineering perspective

Every Frame A Painting - Academic video essays in easy to digest form

Game Makers Toolkit - Game design / overview

Grand Illusions - British Grandpa shares collection of old toys

Gteat Scott - Electronic engineer / How to builds

Linus Tech Tips - Tech reviews / Overviews

Matt Smith - Flashlight reviews

styropyro - Mad scientist / modder

Super Bunny Hop - Pseudo video game journalist

ZeFrank - Morgan Freeman narrated nature documentaries

I see you’re an intellectual as well.

I enjoy watching people repair and make things. It gets me amped up for my own existing projects, and gives me ideas for new projects.

Andrew Camarata - excavation, construction, equipment maintenance

Jimmy DiResta - maker

Laura Kampf - maker

2StrokeTurbo - auto mechanic with a love of unique vehicles

Maximus Ironthumper - off-grid blacksmithing, vehicle repair, etc.

Farmhand’s Companion - farming and homesteading with primarily traditional tools and techniques

The Crafsman - very entertaining model-making and DIY projects

HowToLou - clear and concise repair videos and DIY projects

Lawyer Egorov - DIY projects, tool making, outdoor construction projects

Here are a few other channels I enjoy:

Technology Connections - exploration of past and current electronic tech

Shug Emery - backpacking trip reports by a former circus clown

Big Clive - teardowns and exploration of electronic devices

Life Of Boris - travel, cooking, comedy, and lots more

xraytonyb fixes vintage receivers and amps Pioneer Marantz Kenwood Sansui etc mr carlsons lab alot of vintage tube gear restorations 12 volt vids various repairs all kinds of things he tackles

All 3 are quite good. Carlson has a patreon channel also I will probly join. $5 a month so cheap for the knowledge shared.

Smart Trucking or Indiana Jack if trucks are your thing.

Now, for real:

Shadiversity - Medieval and ancient times’ discussion, with some fantasy and other subjects here and there. Shad is also an author, if you care for a bit more literature.

GTOger - Watch the entitled and selectively illiterate be towed from this lot in Dallas, Texas, with some humour on the side.

Bedtime Stories - Aliens, cryptids, disappearances, strange deaths and other mysterious events, all in documentary format with excellent voiceover and even better hand drawn art.

Joseph Carter The Mink Man - Ever wondered what a beastmaster of fantasy fiction would be in real life? This guy is the answer. His muskrat hunts and brown rat pest control sessions are like nothing on the Internet. (His Vimeo channel has more like Raccoons, but well, paywalls.)

Brave Dave - Though he’s mostly known for his freight hopping series, he makes some damn good content in general. I love his camping trips, hikes and scrambles.

Clickspring: excellent craftmanship here
This Old Tony: machining, but superb here
Marco Reps: very interesting tech videos here
MeatCanyon: Parodies… but… you’ll see here
NightHawkInLight: science experiments and other fun stuff here

These are some of my favorites

Didn’t know this one.

On this same topic :
Tech Ingredients
Applied science
Fran Blanche

World war 2, week by week with Indy Neidell

warning: this (as the previous “Great War” channel) WILL TAKE a lot of time if you get sucked into it… :neutral_face:

Colin Furze
Surprised no one said him before me.
A guy with a safety tie making all sorts of weird, wonderful and dangerous stuff.

Searches like ‘Angry bikers vs people’ and ‘Dash Cam UK’ include some of my popular viewings.

Marble Racing;

Crazy courses, guy must have a lot of time on his hands.™ Cartoon Channel