[YT] W Pro V2.0 - Maxa Beam - MT90P - 2,115 Meters - 1.31 Miles

No budget lights = Off Topic
Interesting to see how they stack up to one another down range at extreme distance
Return flight twords a W Pro V2.0 @ 50mph included

You must have used a tri pod.

Yea, for the W Pro V2.0 only though. You can see me accidentally hitting the sticks while trying to use the MT90P lol. Will just get better angle and park it next time with no movements and closer shot. Love these lights. I gotta do both W Pro’s quad barrel style and see what happens lol

I had to watch the video a few times. It is impressive.

So the lights is 2115 meters away from target, where are you taking the video from? Are you using high power zoom lens?

The video is taken from a DJI Mavic 3 Pro using the main 4/3 camera. I flew it up there to the target. You can see @ 3:33 in video I turn the drone around and fly back @ 50mph with the W Pro V2.0 facing the drone on bipod.

Ok got it, very cool.

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