Zanflare F1 $15.95 on Amazon.

Not sure how many left. I grabbed one. Don’t really need it but couldn’t pass it up.

Well, nevermind. They jacked the price back up. Guess it was a lightening deal. Didn’t know how long it would go. I ordered one and 5 minutes later it was back up to $29.99

Hey Todd, price is $29.99 not $15.95

Yeah, I just edited my post. 5 minutes after I ordered one it shot back up. Lightening deal I accidentally got in on is all I can assume. Sorry.

Just so you all didn’t think I lost my mind and was imagining things.

Yeah, I saw it for 18bux or so a while ago, and pointed it out in someone’s thread asking about an F1. Later, back up to regular price.

Funny thing is that it’s on a “flash sale” at GB for 30bux!

No, not 20, 30.

I only got it because it said “Safety Hammer”.

I just received my NW version from amazon Canada. 19.99 CDN, that’s about 15.40 USD

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It solved very quickly the problem I was having.