Zanflare F2 short review

Dear All,

Finally, my flashlight came too :THUMBS-UP: . You can read the full review on my blog, here is the short version.

Brand: Zanflare
Model: F2
Emitter: Cree XP-G2
Luminous Flux: 200LM
Luminous Intensity: 2630cd
Color Temperature: 6000-6500K vagy 4500-5000K
Switch: Reverse clicky
Battery: 2x AA alkaline or 2x AA NI-Mh. Li-Ion battery can not be used!
Mode: 4 (low, medium, high, strobe)
Waterproof: IP68

The usual exclusive packages give you the Zanflare F2 flashlight:

Inside the accessories are placed in order. Clip, wrist strap, replacement O-ring, flashlight. These are found in the box.

Handling is very simple. It is controlled by a reverse clicky switch. Low, medium, high stroboscopic modes are available. There is a warning light on the head, which shows the battery’s capacity. Above 30% of charge, it lights up in blue for 5 seconds after turning on, then turns off. Between 30% and 10, a red light flashes every 5 seconds. Under 10 of charge, red light flashes every second.

Head warming is not significant. The heat conduction was oversized, it was just warm in 15 minutes. Here’s a graph:

Measured currents:

The head and the body are glued together. I could not get rid of it.

The head has a genuine Cree LED. Water resistance is appropriate. The lens is non-coated glass. The driver is connected to copper block with the battery, not spring.

The body of the usual high quality, beautiful twisted ribs.

The tailcap is nice, but it’s a bug. The button is too high, does not stand up as a candle.

Beamshot compared to other flashlights:

Light illuminated distance approx. 50m. Nice result. The hotspot is strong, so it gets far in the light. It can be used on the outside as well. Not as strong as the flashlights that use the Li-ion battery.

I think it has become a good quality flashlight that you can give a gift. The nice box helps us. Elderly or toddler will love this. They are the real target audience. Simple features, no battery charge. An alkaline battery is inserted and works nicely. This is what is needed for them, that’s great!

Zanflare F2

Thank you for reading!