Zebralight SC600 vs dedicated bikelight for spill

Hi there,

Anyone own a Zebralight SC600 and a dedicated bikelight? Hope you can help me with my question.

I’m looking for a new powerful floody single emitter flashlight to replace my dedicated Gemini Titan XML bikelight, however I haven’t yet seen any flashlight that can compare in spill size. It’s all about peripheral vision and in particular I want a NW tint, something the Jetbeam St Cycler and new Xtar BK12 flashlights don’t offer.

I know the Zebralight is very floody, but how does it compare to a dedicated bikelight?

If you want the ultimate flood, get something like a UF-2100 (or similar) andput something behing the lens. Something frosted.
My UF has the perfect flood now. Dunno, if I remember later, I can take some beam shots for you.

Thanks for the offer, I have some similar lights like the HD2011 and the convoy S3 on the way. :bigsmile: I have some wide degree lenses that with a bit of DIY would work so I could create the beam I’m looking for.

I’m really trying to justify buying the Zebralight, at $95 it isn’t cheap so I want to know I have a reason to buy one, I wouldn’t attempt to modify it like some of my cheaper lights so it has to be perfect off the cuff.

They work well leaftye and I’ve used those on more than one occasion. It’s more that I’m trying to justify spending $95 on the Zebralight. Not exactly budget but I’m going for a mix of cheap mod lights and high quality lights that I could really get some good use out of.

You don´t want to use a 95USD-light on your bike, no matter how your bike riding is like. So, you won´t find an excuse in the biking sector :wink:
If you want it and you can afford it, buy it. I wouldn´t pay 95USD for a light, but that´s just me.

True, pretty much was my motto. Unfortunately I’m on the move a lot now and it’s too inconvenient to own too many flashlights so I’m downsizing my collection and going for quality over quantity. A few giveways and for sales coming soon, that is when I come back from holiday in March. I’m being a lot more selective and snobby these days. :~

I’m on the market for the perfect compact and high quality floody bikelight that doubles as a flashlight in a NW tint, and the Zebralight looks good for build quality, UI and form. If it has a super wide spill like a bike light it would be perfect.

Fortunately, I started very early to become selective. I knew if I don´t stop me at the beginning, I will be buying waaay to many lights. For example, I had 7+ Sipiks…
I bought a UF-2100, some days later the Xiaozhi (and there´s not that much difference between these lights). I gave away some sipiks and ordered a Solarforce light to have one high quality light and i HOPE that´s it now. UNfortunately, I´d love to have more Solarforces (though my first order was a mess).

Ah, I forgot the 504b I´m still waiting for.

I think it´s a good way to get the lights you reaaaaly need/want to have and stop yourself becoming too addicted.

But again, that´s just me.

BTW, I have 3 knifes on my desk and 7 similar hats on my wall…

Yep, it’s very easy to go crazy and go on a light buying spree, I’ve been caught out a couple of times including recently. In fact, the last 2 weeks I went crazy and went for the Nitecore P25, Fenix TK75, Shadow VG20, Shadow TC6 and Convoy S3. :* Probably a good thing that I’m forced to downsize my collection, now I have to really think before I buy. :wink:

Haha, and I thought I went crazy with my sipiks

Good luck slowing this down.