Zebralight SC63, SC63w, and H600Fc IN STOCK NOW at Coval Plus! [US only]


We have been receiving many questions and comments regarding our stock of Zebralight SC63 and SC63w. As I understand, they are pretty hard to find in stock at the moment- but I am here to tell you that we have a good amount of them left IN STOCK!

So, swing by the website and check these bad boys out for yourself https://www.covalplus.com/collections/zebralight

With your order, I will go ahead and include 1 x Samsung 30Q 3000mah unprotected 18650 battery in a silicone battery carry sleeve with each Zebralight!


Hey Brandon, good to see you here. Make sure you head over to reddit/r/flashlight to let the folks know you have them too.

Usa only?

Why don’t people post that in the heading? It’s an international forum

Sorry y’all- I updated the heading.

Thanks for pointing that out

You don’t take Paypal?

No Paypal :frowning: Sorry about that

No Paypal, no Canadian credit cards. You really don’t want my business eh?

Received my 1st ever Zebralight, man is this light small. Went with the SC63W neutral xhp35. Most I’ve spent on a light, but I could not resist getting a ZL. Got the 30q on the charger now. Going out for some night maneuvers (walk the neighborhood) later. Great shipping time and will be looking for future purchases from Coval. Thx gents!

I consider my SC62w as my EDC. It seems perfect, but it apears that the SC62w is even better. Welcome to the ZebraLight club Dirt!