Zebralight SC64C LE and PK FL2 LE

Selling these to fund another purchase. Both are as new, but I did take them out of the package to test.

Zebralight SC64C LE - beautiful tint. Currently on backorder. SOLD
0.05-828 lumens (user adjustable)
Samsung LH351D 4000K CRI 90+

PK FL2 LE - very cool LE type light. Impressive DNA collector. SOLD
650 lumens (1.5 hr)/ 20 lumens (46 hr) using 2 SureFire CR123a cells

I’ve been a lurker for years, but only recently signed up for a screen name. I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on eBay and will give you my ID to verify via PM if you wish.
Prices include shipping in US and PayPal fees.


Finally figured out how to post photos!

Interested in PK LE. Is price firm? Thanks.

Just sent you a PM.

I see a lot of the sc64’s up for sale lately. What gives ?

I haven’t noticed but I love it. I would totally keep it if I wasn’t trying to raise some funds.

PP sent for the Zebralight SC64C LE. Thanks!

Paypal sent.

All sold, thank you!

Received the zebralight. Looks band new. Thanks!