Zebralight sc64w hi question

I have been wanting a good edc light , and decided on the sc64w. hi. Well I have been getting used to it and the UI. My main issue is I thought it would be brighter on high. I think overall it’s a well made light and understand it’s a floody style light, but my streamlight tlr 1 hl is much brighter at 800 lumens. This is supposed to be 1300, is there that much difference in floody to a thrower?

I didn’t look up the specs, but the Zebralight may have more lumens, but the Streamlight could have more candela so it would appear brighter.
It would take a lot more lumens to get a floody light to throw like something with a hotspot that the Steamlight has.

Thanks for the reply, didn’t think of that, 15000 candela for the streamlight , having trouble finding the specs on the zebra light.

Are you double clicking to switch between H1 and H2?

Double checked and the zl is brighter , lol, just not as much as I expected. I checked h2 and h1, I think between floody and a thrower in a bright room didn’t help. It definitely gets hotter as well. Guess I jumped the gun. Going to compare them at 5 am at work in the dark as well.

I measured my SC64w Hi at 1060lm. I don’t remember the candela readings

Love this forum, have learned slot. Picked up two molicelp26a 2600 35a and a klarus k1 travel charger with it. Switching over to mainly rechargable stuff. Thanks for the clarification. I will try to post comparison pics tomorrow. Not sure how old the batteries are in the streamlight are but it’s still bright as heck.

I would steer well clear of Zebralight as a company, let me down with faulty lights and still waiting for a reply to my last email of ten days ago on a warranty repair they are undertaking.

Bad to hear, I had been looking at olight, Fenix and a couple others. Liked the multiple settings on this . Hope they fix your gear. Keep us updated please.

Yes not best pleased to say the leased.
Posted here on this site about my issues titled “Zebralight customer service, anyone having problems???” if you want to have a read.
Will post if and when they reply, looks like i maybe £90.00 out of pocket…

Regardless of SC64w Hi, here are my measurements:

I’m very happy with my.


Sorry not used to imgur first was the streamlight tlr1hl this is the zl sc64whi


I really wouldn’t focus too much on the statistics. What matters most is the usability of the light. It’s important to consider the overall factors of a flashlight: Body size (and cell type), shape, control placement, control operation, UI menu system, features, thermal management, beam: pattern, tint, spill, brightness steps, efficiency, and throw (to name the main things, there are other considerations as well).

Zebralight as a company has had some QC challenges as of late, but they still make a great product. Some people will focus purely on the lumens/candela versus other less costly lights, but miss the complete picture. Zebralight doesn’t try to be the brightest. They focus on delivering an overall well thought out package.

@Geronimo, you’ve recently joined here but we don’t know the extent of your LED flashlight experience. If you’ve just jumped in and bought a few lights based on preliminary info you’ve found, take a breather to get to know the lights you’ve got and continue learning. There’s a lot to learn! From what I’ve found for myself and observed in others, is that the “brighter is better” focus you start with in the beginning will eventually fade as you realize the sum of all flashlight characteristics becomes more important in the long run.

Thank you I agree I’ve had the streamlight for several years I got it when they first upgraded to the HL model I originally bought the zrbra light because of the low light functions and I had read about the keys sea issues and wanted to make sure everything was on the up-and-up thank you

Assuming the camera settings are manual, that ZL is clearly brighter. Just look at how much more light you’re getting in the spill.

Also doubling lumens (with the same beam profile) usually appears only about 25% brighter to the human eye.

As far as flood vs throw (the ZL HI models are definitely not “floody” lights BTW, they have a much narrow beam than many similar lights even from ZL) any light than is going to the spill isn’t being concentrated into the hotspot. Its always a tradeoff in where that light is going. How wide the hotspot itself is becomes a huge factor too.

Not sure if the room I was in was to bright but after checking it out the last couple day am very happy with it. It is much less in price than the streamlight , brighter with better funcinality. I love the low light ability, camping or outdoors I have been using a goal zero micro flash because it dims so well but isn’t to durable and the switch is on an odd spot. This fdisappears in my pocket and does everything I want so far. Of course the streamlight is a weapon light, like everything else, a different tool for each use.

Finally had a reply from Zebralightlight saying i can return the headlamp, the one they received back on 15/4/19!
Very poor service continues.