I’ve just bought two of this flashlights for a gift.


I can’t find any review or information about this one, but I’m told that works with AA/14500 although the description says 1x16340

With AA ==> HI is about 120lumens, LO is about 40 lumens
With 14500 > Hi is about 400 lumens, Lo is about 130 lumens

Did you know about this flashlight? It’s very cheap and apparently the led is from CREE not Latticebright

Even though the description says cree xml, we will never be sure unless you got the item. Description does not state aa but the tube looks like aa. There is a high chance this will be aa or 18650 instead of 16340

Body is too small for a 18650

Found this picture, almost confirmed that it works with 14500

At FL, more: Recomendación de linterna superior a la SK-68 - Página 2 - ForoLinternas - Foro sobre linternas y tecnología LED

Finally received the two ZHISHUNJIA ZSJ-081 from DX

As mentioned, it is an AA/14500 flashlight.

There is a big improvement in brightness when using 14500, but on HI mode the flashlight gets hot quickly.

I’m not keen at identifying false XM-L’s but this one seems legit.

Solid pill

The driver had an annoying next mode memory, but I got rid of it easily in 5 minutes with a pencil, now it always start on HI

The tint is cool, kind of bluish

I bought two for gifting but I’m going to keep one for me, I’ll probabbly mod it with a XML-2 Neutral White