Zooming C8 Host with De-domed XP-G2 - Complete with average beamshots

Well the host arrived yesterday. Not the greatest quality but really this is more of a practice for me as I haven’t attempted soldering 7135 chips yet.

Just soldered the chips then and have to say I am pretty stoked for my first time effort!! I bought two driver boards and a bunch of the 7135 chips in case I stuffed it up but it looks like I am not going to need them this time around! On a side note, I’m pretty impressed with the camera on my S4 for taking these close up shots.

For reference for those who haven’t seen the size of these 7135 chips before, that is a pen tip…



What a neat soldering job. I take my hat off to you for your effort. Well done. Was it a black ink pen?

Thanks! :smiley: Nope just a blue kilometrico pen.

De-domed XP-G2s (on copper and driven hard 3A ) are quite fun in zooming hosts that have a decent head. :)

Make sure you are measuring the input or output to the driver circuit too, just to make sure everything is like it should be.

lol honestly I don’t know how to do that… I have a Fluke multimeter but if you can tell me where to put the probes that would be great!


Measurement on Flashlight:


I doubt I could keep my hand steady enough to hold a soldering iron on one side of the driver let alone those tiny pins

I think you must be half robot :stuck_out_tongue:

With good flux, it's hard to get the solder to not jump the gap. Ain't surface tension an amazing thing?

And don't forget gravity, you can use that as a free helper. Ordinarily adding a blob like this to a spring the solder will either fall down through the spring, or wick down the coils. Add a bunch of solder, let it freeze, flip upside down and touch the side of the spring (so the iron doesn't suck up all the solder), the solder will flow down and make a nice even rounded mound. Hold until it freezes, then file a flat spot for more contact area.

Thanks for that link! Thats exactly what I needed. Almost ready to take the emitter out of the thinners I am using to de-dome it. So hopefully I will have a working torch soon!

That looks great! Mine doesn’t look anywhere near as good as that, I just soldered the spring on and added some copper braid.

De-Dome complete…

How did you do the dedome, was it with petrol?

Nope, I use 2K Thinners. I work at a panel and paint shop so we have a big supply of it. 100% success so far. This is the third one I have tried.


Did the dome just drop away, leaving know ‘goo’ as has been quoted in some threads on here?



There is no 'goo' remaining after gasoline dedoming, it's dry and crumbly and comes off very easy.

It needed a little persuasion with my tweezers but came away pretty easily. It left absolutely no goo behind at all which I was pretty happy with.

Ok thanks you two,

next question, how long is sufficient to leave them soak in either petrol (unleaded or super unleaded gasoline) or the 2K thinners?


Rob (dedome virgin)

Mine was only in the thinners for about 45mins - 1hr (didn’t actually time it). From what I hear the petrol takes longer.

How long? Until the dome floats off. I don't know about the thinners, but with gasoline you can leave them in virtually forever without damage. Break the outer skin of the silicone dome with sandpaper or light cuts from a razor and it'll happen a lot faster.

Any gasoline?

Do I avoid Shell, or Esso, or supermarket shit lol?