Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

Yes as I just said at the end of my post above I’m looking at getting the newer upgraded version (A3S) It already has XPL-HI emitter. Also reported to have better zooming slider.

Only we have yet to learn why the A3S is no longer listed for sale currently. I sent inquiry to wowtac but haven’t heard back yet, but as you said the Chinese holiday has started so it may be a while before we find out.

Check this thread: Wowtac A3S - Anyone see it yet?

XHP50 zooming light with 3.0cm travel

53mm head / 5000-5900K / 2-mode low-High

Low price - currently $23.88 w/shipping


(click on photo for link - Aliexpress)


I like the XHP50 in MTN-1504 and the Jaxman Z1. Does anyone have experience with either of these two?
I have a couple of T6 $7.00 Amazon zoomers and for what they are they are neat and useable at short distances. The kids love them.
Also are there any XHP70 zoomies?

The monster flood with these lights is the most appealing part.

How about this one guys? I picked up a pair. The only reason is there was coupon making $10 each.


I love HFT!

…At least you didn’t pay more than $10 :


And here: Only $3.90 shipped!


I guess you have to watch the video :stuck_out_tongue: >>> LumiTact G700 "TOUGHEST FLASHLIGHT ON THE MARKET"


I forgot all about this, sorry. I’ll check tonight when I get home.

I have the one I linked, the brown one, the UlfraFire, one I bought from Banggood and another from AliExpress. They all have small differences, and I don’t remember exactly which models have what features. The one thing that is consistent is beam width, which is most important to me.

The FastTech one I linked to has a solid pill, I think the brown one is identical to it, not sure so I’ll have to check tonight. The Banggood one has a hollow pill. Pill sizes are a little different, and tailcap assembly is different. At least one model was a pain to disassemble the tailcap with jammed in plastic, on at least one it was fine with metal retaining ring easily unscrewing. See post #43 in my MT-G2 mod thread below for some differences on tailcaps.

20mm driver is correct, but if I remember correctly it’s a 20mm LED MCPCB too, or it’s different on different models. I’ll check tonight. I replace driver, LED, switch and also fill up some space in the large pills. I used to use washers and JB-Weld but now I have excellent high quality custom copper spacers that kiriba-ru made for me.

I built one with an MT-G2 for a friend but didn’t use a boost driver. I went with two 18350 cells instead: Mod: Zoomie with MT-G2

I think you got it with that one you found, but as there are differences with these hosts I’ll measure it tonight.

You got it right with that Supfire F11-T. That one and the Warsun look like they are worth ordering for evaluation.

I use these zoomies for underground photgraphy and sometimes as focused floodlights when climbing outside during the dark winter evenings after work. Someone pointed out that the beam is ringy on the edges of the zoomies I use. That maybe so on a white wall but I couldn’t care less as it makes no difference for my usage. Do you see any rings in these photos? :slight_smile:

Mike C great pics. Are your pics for work or hobby?
They look cool, stay safe.

Thanks. It’s all hobby… and eventually what brought me to BLF because I couldn’t find lights that were how I wanted them. I’ve posted some more photos in another thread: Exploration photos with my flashlights

“Someone pointed out that the beam is ringy on the edges of the zoomies I use. That maybe so on a white wall but I couldn’t care less as it makes no difference for my usage. Do you see any rings in these photos?”

You are absolutely right… I guess there are lot of people that like to use flashlight indoors(white wall hunters).

When I joined here several years ago I opened a thread where I predicted that one day future flashlight will be based on zooming action and it will be very powerful in throw and flood mode. That future already came here: Acebeam W10 1000m throw EDC???

No matter how I try I can’t find usefulness of spill coming from reflector light and yet everyone is talking about useful spill here :slight_smile:

When we turn on reflector LED light, our night vision is killed by spill light that is reflecting from nearby objects & environment. Pupil of the eye narrows and we see less. The brighter the environment is, the narrower is the pupil of the eye, so there’s a reduction in light that hits the fundus.

Aspherical type of beam has sharp borders, so there is better contrast between illuminated area and dark area. The enhanced contrast lets us to perceive objects/persons/things better. We see further in the night.

Thanks for the reply and info! Wow, nice photos!

Sounds like the Ultrafire version has a hollow pill, in that case I’ll get the one you linked from FT and hope for a solid pill.

FastTech black, FastTech brown and Banggood “Elfeland ”have disco modes strobe and SOS.

Both FastTech have sliding distance of 2.2cm. Elfeland has 2cm.

Well, I can give insight on this light. I ended buying 2 of these. Thank goodness I opened one up to check it out. The light is ” POORLY ” built with BIG problems. Right out of package defective. The ” O ” ring split in half once zoom pull feature used for very first time. Extremely difficult to use zoom feature. Had difficult time pulling zoom head period. Also, NOWHERE NEAR 1600 lumen output as posted. My Harbor Freight Zoomie blows this one away and it is only 588 lumens. The light beam is EVEN WORSE. The hot spot is squarish with double black shadow rings. The light beam could not be focused well at all. The throw is also fabricated. No way it reached 450 Meters.

All the claims on this light are very deceptive. None of statements hold true at all. I ended returning BOTH of the ones I bought.

I highly recommend NOT BUYING this light.




Thanks for the warning, well at least you got it from amazon, E-Z Returns!!

Also an advantage for the Harbor Freight one as well, sure you could have got one a few bucks cheaper shipped from China (in about 4-8 weeks), but then if it didn’t work …. well …

“Since we couldn’t help you to figure it out via your description, could you please make a video showing the problem?” :rage:

Thanks, I found one for $3.69 on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultrafire-CREE-XM-L-T6-Tactical-Zoomable-5000Lumen-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Lamp-NEW/132256179295?hash=item1ecb15245f:g:YogAAOSwxKtYBc6Y

But it shows “UltraFire” so probably a hollow pill, sounds like the clone from Fastech is still the best bet to get a solid pill.


” 27,157 results for zoomable flashlight ” :smiley:

80mm zooming travel!

EDIT: XML-T6 version here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/powerful-led-flashlight-self-defense-zoom-lanternas-xml-t6-torch-18650-Rechargea-Battery-waterproof-lamp-penlight/32826952511.html?spm=2114.10010108.0.0.39c06a9eQ2s7ZL&traffic_analysisId=recommend_2031_2_83267_icosaw&scm=1007.12873.83267.0&pvid=7fc95530-d698-4b65-aae6-845a21101f17&tpp=1 (photo link above Q5 LED version)

I’ve been upgrading this light: IProtec XHP50
This light pulls 8 amps but dims due to the stress so I run it on mid mode (~3 amps) till the voltage drops on the two 26500s to about 7.75V. It gets hot! fast!
The switch was the last component to fail but I ordered some Omten switches from Mountain Electronics. I called the company for a replacement lens (melted it in a freak circumstance) and they’re also going to send a replacement tail cap!
I like that I can run it on 9 6 AAs, 2* 18500s or 2* 26500s. The zooming mechanism is a twisting one and the flood is WOW! but it doesn’t quite zoom to a precise square. It’s actually a fairly solid host.

Agreed. Hopefully the FastTech one is still the same. I have a stash and haven’t needed to order for quite some time. It’s too bad the FastTech one doesn’t have the best tailcap though, I found the Banggood ones to have the best ones, and they where slightly larger. It looks like that Ebay one has the slightly larger tailcap. At that price I’d get a couple just to see if they are the good tailcaps, only if they shipped to Sweden.

Interesting light, where did you purchase it? Home Depo sell that brand but I didn’t see that model there. I googled “iProtect XHP50 nothing came up, then tried iProtect1400, saw it at Academy sports and BassPro ($40-$45) But the description shows: ”Runs on 6 AA batteries” And none of the listings show XHp50 or what the emitter is. (or am I looking a a different light?)


If it is the same light, what did you do to fit 9xAA instead of 6? Also the descriptions show nothing about Li-ion, so that’s something you tried on your own? Interesting about 26500, I haven’t paid attention to that size, did you find some respectable 26500 cells?

Not sure I understand exactly what mods you’ve done, are you using the stock driver? What does the added partition board do?

hmmm yes $3.69 is worth it for a good tail cap alone, but I can’t tell the difference between the tails on the ebay one and the clones and Ultrafires on FT. I’ll have to try and find it on BG and look at the photos, tons of this light on aliexpress under a bunch of different brands.