Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!


And the one that is on the way now :wink: :heart_eyes:

Finally! Old school zoomie! :+1:

30$ is not expensive considering everything in a package but I wonder why can’t I order light only for less money?

I have hundreds oh 18650 cells and chargers at home and I really don’t need more of that…

do we know the z821 has good build quality and modding potential?

I asked the store if they have this flashlight on sale, and they didn’t have it on sale there.
The only place it could be found (the old version) was supposedly in Fasttech.

This is the Z821 new version that the seller introduced in the store at my request, and only in the pack version. I am not sure if they plan to sell it flashlight “solo”, but I actually didn’t mind to buy the whole pack as I never got one of their other stuff (charger, bigger cell).

Maybe you can ask them if they plan to sell the flashlight only.

BTW, above, there is a Yage light that I linked and that seems to be similar to this Z821, probably less good, but also much less expensive.

Please take a look at the “old” version!

I believe they will be similiar, somehow, but only when it arrives I will be able to tell it!

I do trust OTR quality, I have the i3 Zoomie that is quite good, so I believe this one will not fall behind it!


Good thing that they listen to you… I never got reply from them.

Yes it is really no problem to buy whole bundle for 30$ and it is really not expensive but eventually it is if you plan to mod and sell lets say more than 50 of them…

Can you do group buy for host version of this light? So we can finish the light by ourself on a proper way with lets say white flat emitters and Led4power drivers? Soldering mcpcb directly to brass pill (Djozz way), and similar stuff?

This will be easy 100+ kcd light once when modded.

I plan to tear her down no matter for their factory build quality and probably rest of the gang here on BLF that will order her.

I am not sure if they listen to me, but in the past I bought some lights and got others for review, and I mentioned this light before to them. They didn’t seem to be willing to sell it there (I believe they are more successful on Taobao or other platforms), but then they opened this possibility!
So far it only got 1 buyer :zipper_mouth_face:

The first link I saw for this light, the price was way above, but then it went down to the price you see.
Yeah, getting 50 of those is probably a nuisance at that price. I know you contacted them at AliExpress, but did you contact them by e-mail before? This is their contact page: http://zlsh.net/Contact2 .
I am not sure if it would change the situation or not, but maybe you can give it a try again! Sometimes I don’t get answers too and then I need to insist.

I am sorry, but I don’t have the time, the skills nor do I want to assume the responsibility to make a GAW of a flashlight! Too much things can go wrong, specially due to difficulties/lack of communication.

I hope you understand :+1:

And, this may be an indicator, some months ago I asked about buying the OTR M5 host and the answer is that only the whole flashlight can be bought! OTR doesn’t seem a brand like Convoy that bets on selling hosts, just complete flashlights!

That is my plan to, to instal an Osram W1 or W2 with a led4power driver. I am not sure if the driver is 15 or 17mm, but it will probably have that “ring”. On the OTR M1 I filed the driver and the pill structure (head) to make it fit. On this, I still don’t know which are the possibilities, but I believe they will fit. :beer:

OTR replied to me on ali saying they will put up a flashlight only link for z821

Edit; looks like they did but only $4 savings. The extras are worth $4 if the battery is any good

Great :wink:
Also noticed it now, it is only $4 savings. In a big bulk order it makes the difference, but for a single light, not so much!

It was nice of them to make it available as single light though :wink:

If someone made a GB, I would be in for 1. :wink:
At the current price I’m not really interested.

Ok… I ordered one… But without charger and battery price is as you said just a a tad bit lower or TO MUCH!

This light with their classic fujik thermal glue, no name driver and generic emitter should not cost more than 20$ imho. I can for example easily get B158 in a bulk for 19$…

Price is to dear…

Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001199114321.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.25024c4dTZNn2g

Looks like 17mm driver could fit.

But pill seems bit shallow, and their way of mounting driver is bit to complicated. Soldered from bottom side and press fitted OMG :person_facepalming:

Switch seems like 15mm forward clicky?

Seems nicely packed but simple kan 28 or omten reverse clicky would be better.

Maybe they changed something with this newer 2020 version?

Great you made it :wink:

The switch it is their “standard” switch, reverse clicky, although it seems to have the shape of a forward clicky.
It is reliable! The springs could be thicker, though! Also, you can replace it for a FC switch, but it will probably make the rubber cover protrude a little bit!

About the driver, despite that weird way of putting it, a regular driver will work well. On the i3 I used that ring and a 15mm MTN driver without issues :wink:

Well, the looks were changed, I don’t know about the internals.

One thing you will notice it is different from other similar zoomies: glass lens, not plastic; brass pill, not aluminium, and not hollow; well made threads, not those triangular-easy-to-damage threads; good switch, but easily replaceable; UI is not that crappy H-M-L-Str-SOS, despite OTR could improve the UI (no memory, eventually no strobe).

Also, if you compare it with the B158, this is a pocket light, not twisty zoom, and that makes it more “valuable” as an EDC. My opinion of course. If it was to be used on a riffle, the B158 would be better of course.

And…the generic emitter, is normally and authentic Cree XML2 Led, not a lattice bright or fake Cree :wink:

Why are brass pills considered premium?
They can store ~10% more heat (depending on alloy) while having 3 times the weight and 30-50% lower thermal conductivity…

Not really an answer, but I don’t think they are “premium”.
But, even if they are not premium, there must be a valid reason to see almost all the flashlight manufacturers (that make flashlights with pills) to use them!
I actually would like to see direct comparisons with flashlights and their heat dissipation with alu vs brass pills.

IMHO They don’t have any advantage to aluminum pills except that you can solder MCPCB directly to it for ultimate heat transfer. Or do they really have? Anyone did tests?

I also prefer aluminum pills + artic silver(or any other quality cpu paste) combination better. Especially if they have aluminum MCPCB retaining ring like this OTR Z821 (I mean it should have from pics on their web site)

That kind of ring is used on a lot of uniquefire and other zoomies. Brinyte for example has poor plastic one but it serves its purpose to press hold mcpcb firmly to pill.

But I also don’t have nothing against brass except for the 3 times the weight you mentioned… I always strive to max throw performance in as smaller and lighter package possible.

I think that anyone with a lathe will say that it is maybe easier to work with brass (or copper as most China sellers wrongly state :smiley: ) than with aluminum which tends to bend more easily under pressure…

Looking at the various heatsink/pill materials, I did some armchair engineering tests. I have some old C8’s with screw in aluminum pills, tested a C8 with integrated shelf, and one with a brass pill. I also tested some aluminum and copper/alumimum heatsinks. From my experience, aluminum transfers heat better than brass, and moves it away from the emitter better to the flashlight body, but has lower thermal mass, so it heats up faster, bit cools off faster. Brass is much denser than aluminum and can store more heat, but is not good at moving it away from the emitter to the atmosphere. Your light heats up slower, but cools slower. Copper is denser than brass and has even better heat transfer, more in line with aluminum, so it gives the best of both metals, high heat transfer and thermal mass/capacity. Drawbacks of aluminum is you can’t solder to it like brass or copper, and you need a bigger host or more surface area to move heat around. Bottom line, if you can get copper pills, by all means do. If you can get brass over aluminum, that’s fine too. If all you have is aluminum, then that’s okay for lower power setups or smaller hosts.

I agree with you mostly there. copper is great but has some consequences. Those titanium/copper pill combos seemed about the worse setup I've had experience with. The heat just bottles up in the copper and takes long to cool down. Had a D4 (v1) like that - it's awful, burning hot almost instantly. Copper pills are ok as long as surrounded by alum, or you don't have to touch them. Something is needed to draw out the heat from the copper because it draws in the heat so efficiently.

True. Size matters too. You need a pretty stout host to take away dozens of watts of energy. A small flashlight wlike the D4 or FW3 or FW4 will heat up fast. Very short turbo and aggressive stepdown. A good example is my fet driven xhp70.2 project. Even with the computer heatsink rated for 100 watt cpu, the xhp70.2 on turbo heats it up to 140 F in about 4 minutes.

If I had to choose an ideal flashlight heatsinking material, I’d take the lead from the computer cooler industry and say copper/aluminum is very good, the best of both metals properties. Copper to soak up the heat and its thermal mass, and aluminum to move it away to the atmosphere (or your hand). Downside is copper is expensive! More expensive than brass, bronze, or aluminum.


My vote goes to aluminum pill with retaining ring for MCPCB & Driver. That is pure perfection IMHO, and modding is the most friendly even for total beginner same as for pro(no soldering, easy repairable). Only problem is that just quite few flashlights have this kind of pill…

Zoom1 fits 21700 battery or 18650 batteries.
It uses a side-switch operation.
Uses Push-Pull for zooming (instead of rotating which is a bit common in some other zoomies)

Unfortunately, I’m not a modder so I don’t know if it can be converted to Anduril driver…

Beamshot demo of Lumintop Zoom1 from wide to focused

Not perfect, there’s still a donut in the intermediate beam but good enough. Thanks for the vid. :slight_smile: