Zooming Model List (2018 Updated) Tell us about your newest zoomie!

(Added to list)- a higher quality zoomie?

Looks like a flat lens, Fresnel type? Or maybe just a flat outer lens?

What’s the longest throwing zoomie?

Zoomie with triple LED, very strange… it throws 3 separate spots!

I wonder if they come together in flood mode.

Personally I don’t know, maybe one of the Uniquefire 14xx 15xx ?


16340 Ultrafire

12000 Lumen ! :person_facepalming:




I have an interest in zoomies as I use them for underground photography, and the wideness of the flood beam as one of my main interests. I’ve clicked on all zoomies in the OP and I think very few of them can match the wide flood of this one: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10002775/1206500 (comes in a variety of different “brands”).
I have quite a selection of zoomies and so far this one is unrivaled in terms of wide flood, so obviously I think your list is incomplete without at least one that uses the same host.

Thanks for the list though, I’ve spotted one or two that might be able to compete with my favorite and will order. The Warsun looks particularly interesting because of it’s sliding distance. In a sliding zoomie the sliding distance is a tell tale sign of how much the beam width can be adjusted. After all the zoomies I’ve been through I know if a sliding zoomie has sliding distance of less than 1.5 cm I don’t have to bother with it.

Do you know if that zoomie comes in a non-disco flavor?

Good question… I don’t know if I’ve ever turned one on in stock form before ripping out it’s internals. I have a few unmodified still intact waiting for drivers so I can check. It will be after the weekend though, because I’m hitting the road as soon as my coffee is finished.

Hard to say without actually building one and comparing. Lots of zoom-light comparisons on BLF, and afiak none of them really focus on the flood beam performance.

FWIW… I found this thread very interesting from Argo, direct comparing the 1504, Z1 and 158 using de-dome emitters.

Post 9 has the lux data:

XP-L V6:
1504: 270 361
B158: 211 240

XP-L HI ??:
B158: 150 170

XM-L2 U2:
B158: 220

XM-L2 U3:
1504: 300 384

XM-L2 U4:
1504: 396 434 435

XP-G2 S4:
1504: 350 446 452 458
Z1: 200 240 245
B158: 220 238 322 330 330 335 341

XP-G2 S3
1504: 343 425 434

XP-G2 S2:
1504: 425 428
Z1: 228
B158: 270

I’m glad you enjoyed my list! Great info about flood and linking that light, thanks for posting!

I also like the even flood of a zoomie, so I’ll probably be getting one of these for my self now too, on your recommendation - especially since it will out flood all the others, and I’ve listed many. I see fasttech even put “excellent flood” in the title and “Great flood light” in the description. So I’m curious to try one and see this. One thing I don’t like is that it has next mode memory.

I see fasttech also has it in brown color too: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10002775/1206401-1-led-5-mode-zooming-led-flashlight
NMM isn’t listed for the brown one, but I know FT specs are often inaccurate.

Do you think this UltraFire is the same flashlight? (looks exactly the same) https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10001759/1148800-ultrafire-1-led-zooming-5-mode-840-lumen-led

Specs show it’s 8mm longer and looks like a different UI (Looks like it starts on Mid instead of High) also it doesn’t show next mode memory in the description. Also comes in brown (“Coffee”) https://www.fasttech.com/products/1649/10001759/1134205

I couldn’t find it on the “Genuine” UltraFire website, but while checking I did find a few other interesting ones there that I previously overlooked.


I’d like a brown one, and curious to see what you think about the UltraFire version. I actually prefer start on High but better if no NMM. Also have you modded yours? I’d love to hear about that too!


I’ve added the one you linked to the list, will wait to hear what you think about the UltraFire version before I add that one too. I’ll be on the lookout for more re-branded twins.

Brown version:

That’s a great thread, lots of info, just skimmed over now but I’ll go back when I have more time.Thanks for posting.

That’s a great thread, lots of info, just skimmed over now but I’ll go back when I have more time.Thanks for posting.

Sure… I think others have done similar comparisons. But what I like about Argos measurements is they look to be a “survey” type of data collection for each LED. So they are not singular data points for any of the participants.

I bolded the comparisons that I think are most useful, directly comparing the 3 candidates with multiple data entries.

I bolded the de-dome XM-L2 U4 data because I think this is the closest one to my XPL-HI V3 build… maybe?


I wasn’t aware there was a 502 zoomie…


(Added) Zoomie with Ramping UI (Stepless Dimming), side switch and USB charging

I have the non-zooming version of this and it’s actually pretty good.

Since i am keeping as a stock, i am leaning on the jaxman z1 xhp50.2.

That’s the “Shorty” (2x26350) in Cool White.

If I’m correct, that’s the only Z1 option with xhp50.2

I’m not sure why they don’t use the same single cell driver that they use in their X1 flood version?

  • Both lights show the same emitter choices.
  • Both lights have the same driver size (22mm)

So I see no reason the Z1 with XHP cannot have single cell like the X1.

Maybe I’m missing something looking at their listings, which an often be confusing due to contradictory terms. I may message them to get the answers if someone else doesn’t chime in here and let me know.

I’m also considering a Z1, I’m pretty sure (not 100%) this is the highest quality zoomie of it’s size on the list. Specifically referring to the quality of the optics and zooming threads. This is what I understand from reading threads on the Z1 here.

I’d like to see them offer the xhp50.2 in NW and/or other tints.

Also I like this mil. style holster they sell for the Z1: FLYYE-FY-PH-C033-protective-sleeve-bag

I changed my mind. I want to go with the jaxman z1 xhp50 ( 2x 26650)… item is not available… i send message to bo ( jaxman). So i will update when i get replied from him.

I got the replied back… its chinese new year, so not until feb 25th… i guess i have to wait…

At least you got a quick reply!

Just curious what made you decide on the 2x26650 XHP50 instead of the XHP50.2?

I messaged Jax to get an answer on this.