Still burning after 35 years

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I definitely had a bad run of GE bulbs. The Feit ones I’ve been using have all been great so far.

Tonights forecast, 100% chance of dark.

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I had such a bad run with GE in general that I refuse to look at any product they have for sale.

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Some time ago, it was possible to order online (earlier they were on store shelves…) Incan bulbs, that were 8,000h-12,000h rated.

I would assume that an 8,000h rated bulb would do pretty long as a night stand lamp, maybe not 35 years but pretty long anyway.

(They have a little worse lm/W ratio than normal incans and a bit more reddish tint. )

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zespectre wrote:
Oh DO NOT even get me started about the electric bills (LOL).

But my primary start to an LED shift was the “Ladder” lights in the house, in other words the 7 bulbs that require a ladder to change.

Not just the giant hassle of getting the ladder out, but there is always the chance of taking a spill

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