NOT my 2000 post GiveAWay. -CLOSED- WINNERS IN OP.

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NOT my 2000 post GiveAWay. -CLOSED- WINNERS IN OP.

What you are looking at is my 1999th post (at the moment). NOT my 2000th post. Evil

Today I noticed I’ve almost reached 2000 posts. Without ever having done a GAW.
Shame on me! That’s why I told myself I had some catching up to do before I reach 2000 posts.

I have always been very keen on turning regular lights into UV lights. Because there are constantly new UV emitters out, and off-the-rack UV flashlights cost a fortune. You can find quite a lot of reviews on UV emitters in BLF, and I almost always buy myself a new one. Most of these end up in a red Convoy S2+. I use them until there is a new kid on the block. At the moment a number of UV-turned lights are gathering dust on a shelf. I notice there are stil a lot of questions regarding the first time use of UV lights. So I decided to give away two of my seldom used UV lights (killing two birds with one stone: new experience for you, more room for me).

The lights I want to give away are:
- one Convoy S2+ with a 3/5 mode 8*AMC7135 driver and a 2.8A 5050 Epileds 400nm led.
- one Convoy S2+ with a 3/5 mode 3*AMC7135 driver and a Royalighting RY-3535P 365nm led + ZWB2 filter.
No fancy mods. Just swapping leds in both lights and replacing the clear lens by a “black” filter in the last one.
Both lights will come with an 18650 battery and a generic holster. Shipping cost is on me.

The rules are (and can/will be changed by me if necessary. Easy to see: bold characters):
- this a GAW “catching up from the past” so you need to be a BLF member joined BEFORE 2018.
- this GAW is open for people from all nations. BUT batteries are only included within the European Union.
- everyone can have a go at it but please keep your input limited to one post.
- please let me know which light you prefer, by putting in the magic words “ÏN 365” or “IN 400” in your post.
- posts without the magic words “ÏN 365” or “IN 400” are ignored.
- choose one of the two: “IN 365” or “IN 400”. If you don’t, I will choose for you.
- Closing time is Sunday july 30th at 0:00h GMT. If I’m still awake, I’ll let you know by posting THE END.
- winners are chosen by
- winners are made public 1st week of august (I hope)
- after that winners have 168 hours (AKA one week) to PM me an address where to send the lights to.
- if they are unable to do so, I will push the button of one more time.

I wish you all success!

If you are NOT a winner in this one, there will be a 2000 post GAW very soon. Wink

And the winners are:
for the 365nm light: F_B who entered post#76
for the 400nm light: jpil who entered post#56
PM me ASAP so I know where so send your lights.

PS I have to think of a way to make my next GAW less complex Facepalm

I always think long and hard before I say something really stupid.

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ÏN 365

Thanks for the giveaway!

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In 400

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Well done on 1999 posts Silly

raccoon city
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Thanks for the giveaway, Henk4U2!

ÏN 365.

I'm gonna party like it's 1999!  :THUMBS-UP:

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In 400. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I joined early this year so I’ll be out of this one, but thanks for the giveaway! Always fun to watch these unfold.

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In 365

Thanks for the chance.

Beam me up!

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Thanks for the 1999 posts Henk! Not in because I already have a variety of UV-flashlights.

link to djozz tests 

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ÏN 365 Thumbs Up

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ÏN 365

thanks Henk!

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Let me help you by reducing the shipping costs!

IN 365 (is that ï a typo??)

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IN 400 Thanks

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Anyone interested in Dc-Fix pm me.

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“In 400”

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IN 400 thanks!

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In 400! Thanks for the GAW! I’m behind on giveaways myself. I’d been trying to have one for each 1000 posts as per the long-time BLF tradition. I already missed the 5000 mark, and if I don’t hurry up and do a GAW soon, it’ll be time for a 6000th!

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ÏN 365

Thank you

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Congrats on 1999! ÏN 365

That Canadian flashlight guy & Lantern Guru -Den / DBSARlight

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IN 400.

Always had a UV light in mind.

I’ve got a thrower, a flooder, and an EDC too. Still looking for a bigger thrower, flooder, and a new EDC, give or take a few. I’m a flashaholic.

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thijsco19 wrote:
Let me help you by reducing the shipping costs!

IN 365 (is that ï a typo??)

Höw därë yöü!
Of course it is Facepalm

I always think long and hard before I say something really stupid.

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ÏN 365

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In 365


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IN 400

Thank you and congratulations on 1999 Smile

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IN 365.

Interestingly this could be my first S2+ light of any LED type ;-).

Congrats on 2K posts and thanks for the GAW.

Move towards the light.

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IN 400. Thanks!

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In 365
Thanks for the GAW

Thijsco19 wrote:

a regular symptom of flasholism Big Smile

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IN 400


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IN 365

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Gefeliciteerd Henk!

ÏN 365

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In 400 Thx for GAW and congrats!

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in for the 365 or 400 (not picky!)