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school subjects

what was your favorite subject at school or college and why

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In college, my favorite subjects were chemistry and philosophy, with applied physics.

In high school, I loved math.

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Physics and math all the way, especially in uni.

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Math, science, and history, because I was a natural at them.

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I liked wood shop and welding, html was fun too even though I literally remember nothing from it anymore (it’s probably all outdated many times over by now anyway lol)

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Lunch. I am quite the idiot savant.

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Nothing. The reason is I have no direction after high school. I did not want to waste life away( I did for 6 months after high schools graduation. Even towards 3rd to 4th year of University I still had no idea. I closed my eyes and jumped to Engineering because graduation was coming up.

I hated school in general eventhough I went all the way and finished college.

Still to this day I dislike my job. Mechanical Structure/Interface Design Engineer. Decent pay is what keeps me there.

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School was fun. I learned a lot of useless shite, butt also stuff that lets me explore beyond my previous horizons.
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never finish school because i was a bully, the army took me which is good because i was never interested in any school subject

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Physics, and sleep. 

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My favorite subjects at school are literature and language. I really loved the human sciences. At the moment I work in an educational company and am engaged in writing capstone projects, namely, a subcategory of topics for them. You can read my article about the best capstone project topic ideas by clicking here, I think if you are a student or work in the field of writing, then you will like this article.

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Girls and partying . Then Math.

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 I have more than a few favs.

First year engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology: calculus, physics, chemistry and thermodynamics. Because they taught me how to think in the real, physical world.  Because hard sciences and math are fun to think and talk about.

My favorite areas are Arts, Sciences and Humanities. I have self-studied (read tons of books) for decades. Biology, medicine, philosophy, etc, etc.

I audited a post-graduate course Recent Advances In Neuroscience at Wayne State University.

Currently, my area of study is the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.


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