Nitecore Tip: SEVERE Parasitic Drain in Lock-Out Mode !!

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The QC is spotty on the over hang issue/sharp edges issues.. Nitecore lights are not cheap priced. One should expect very good at least Engineering Design with QC/QA follow up. BEFORE releasing light for sale.

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UPDATE — heard back from Nitecore: “All our TIPS are covered under warranty for 24 months as long as your product was purchased. Should anything covered under warranty occurs, you may return the product to the seller. Or you can also return it back to us China for replace. Any further question please let me know.”

Yeah, I’ve got a question for them: How do you stay in business?

This isn’t some rare defect. I ran into TWO in a row… Mailing back to CHINA is a large expense, more than what I paid for the light. But… sending back to the retailer of purchase means a replacement would be a “lottery” chance for getting a proper one. I’m abandoning hope and sending it back, eating the return shipping costs.

DONE with Nitecore.