Hello from the (currently) sunny Northwest

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Hello from the (currently) sunny Northwest

My actual name is Terry and I've been suffering experiencing a flashlight obsession for the last two months.  I'm not sure what triggered it.  When I look at the lights on my desk and in the box next to my desk next to the boxes of batteries, I think to myself that I should be sated by now.   I'm not though... maybe when that slow boat from China finally gets here (with more lights).

More on all that later.  Right now I just wanted to properly introduce myself before I make my first post.  I have a battery question.  

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention I've already purchased some DC-Fix Diffusion Film from Boaz.  The stuff really works.  It saved several lights from being forgotten about completely because there was something about them that is not nice to use.

Thanks again Boaz.

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Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, MyRants!


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Hi and welcome Terry. Good luck with the affliction.


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Hmmm…. Living in the Northwest during the middle of winter and suddenly being obsessed with light, hard to imagine that happening to anyone.

Welcome Smile

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Welcome to BLF Terry,

The answer to your battery question will off course depend on its application - but a good high-drain 18650 battery at a reasonable price is the Samsung 30Q. Available in both flat-top and button-top. Just my two cents!


BTW, one of the greatest tools I have found for shopping for flashlight-related items is the BLF Chrome Extension. Take care!