Cheap 18650 light for 20mm PCB/Driver experiments

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Cheap 18650 light for 20mm PCB/Driver experiments

I’m interested in building my own headlamp for trail running but I need to do some trials with various LED/driver configs first. I was thinking of just using a single 18650 flashlight host that will take 20mm LED pcb/driver drop-ins for quick and easy testing. I don’t want a reflector on the end, it needs to be the installed bare optic exposed.

Just need to grab a few cheapies (the guts will be thrown), are there any obvious recommendations? Will need to be shipped to Australia.

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SK98. Takes 20mm drivers, you can unscrew the front bezel and pop out the lens. Probably can slap in a flat piece of glass in the right diameter to protect the nekkid LED from water, dust, etc., too.

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