**GIVEAWAY Ended, Winner announced in OP. Astrolux S41 plus and few extras.

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**GIVEAWAY Ended, Winner announced in OP. Astrolux S41 plus and few extras.

The Winner is travis. Congrats, just PM me your details and I will get them shipped off to you.

Might have a few more giveaways in the coming days. Still have to do some thinning out around here. Nice to make a few people smile in the process.

About that time again. I’d much rather give them away than sell them, much to the dissatisfaction of the wife. Smile

Nothing special and nothing real fancy. Hasn’t been carried much. 5000K Nichia. I have the stock pocket clip and a screw on clip I will include. I don’t remember if this light came with a clear switch boot or not but, ones on there now. I will throw in a lighted switch and a black boot cover in case you may want that. Word of caution. Lighted switches without a bleeder resistor causes Bistro to become next mode memory.

I’m going to throw in not one but two surprise extras. Well I guess it really isn’t a surprise seeing as I’m telling ya but, they are flashlights, one is AA/14500 and the other is of a variable ring design for CR123 or 16340. Both almost new and unmodded.

As usual there is but only one rule. Post “I’m in” and you shall be counted.

We will wrap this one up in two weeks, August 7th.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Definitely, I’m IN Wink
Thanks for the GAW! Thumbs Up
And if I don’t win it, I will certainly add one of these lights to my collection in any other way because I really like the looks of it Wink

EDIT: As seen below, if not shipping worldwide, I am not in, but I still thank you for the GAW Wink

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I’m in, thanks for the giveaway!


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Free shipping worldwide to the winneror only usa??

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I am a beginner. So please help me to make the channel "grow up"


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I’m In thanks Smile

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I’m in, thanks for the GAW.

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Very kind giveaway, thank you. Smile
I’m not in as I already have one and love it – but I have to say if doing it Internationally it may well work out cheaper to buy a new one from China since these pop up on offer regularly. They are only $23.20 HERE
Sad though that is, good intentions and all that.
You could end up paying more to send yours from the USA.
Sorry, really none of my business I don’t mean to poke in. Smile

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I’m in! Thankee, Sai!

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NOT in. Just wanted to thank you for organizing this GAW Thumbs Up

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I am in. Thanks for the GAW.

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I’m in

Chatika vas Paus
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I’m on! Thank you.

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I’m in! Thanks!

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I am in, if shipping worldwide (UK).
Else no need to include me – thanks for the generosity toddcshoe.


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I'm in.

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I am definitely all in,thanks.

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I’m In!
Thanks so much,
All the Best,

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I’m in. Thanks for the GAW!

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I’m in….thanks!

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This is beginni...
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I’m in.

Flashlights is neat.

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Mighty kind of you! I’m in.

Anthony Nguyenn
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I’m in .Thanks for the GAW. One great looking light.

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I’m in

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I’m in! My birthday is the 7th and i’m never lucky so this is perfect Big Smile

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I’m in. Thanks for the gaw!

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I’m in

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i’m in. thanks. very nice of you to offer this giveaway.

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I’m in. Thanks for the gaw!

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I’m in.
Thanks for doing this

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I’m in! Thanks!

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I’m In. It’s very nice of you to do this.

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