Request for help with e-cig starter kit.

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Request for help with e-cig starter kit.

This isn’t for me (I gave up smoking a bit over 2 years ago after smoking 2 packs a day for about 16 years).

I’m looking to buy something for my brother as a gift.

I don’t know where to start and I don’t want to spend too much but I don’t want to be too cheap and have something blow his lips off either.

I know absolutely nothing about e-cigs, I’m not really interested in learning but I just want to know enough so I can buy something to start him off with and if he likes it then he can buy his own stuff.

Would anyone be able to recommend everything that he would need to make the change from regular cigarettes to e-cigs?

I noticed FastTech has a lot of this stuff but I don’t know what is needed.

Links would be really helpful too.


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If just for try it, can use this VV usb”: , already include atomizer.
Or simple set like Ego Evod , Ego W

For e-liquid, depend on taste, so it will become very subjective.
Very hard to get taste similar with analog cigarette, so to not let expectation too high, better start with completely different taste like fruit, coffee or can try simple tobaccos. This Liqua imo have some good enough taste, choose nicotine level based on current smoking habit.

In case want to try some e-liquid, better buy some atomizers, rather than emptying/cleaning then refill, that will make impression it need too much effort.

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I got the same kit as posted about but in the 2 batt config for my dad

he likes it it works well the clearos seem to leak when getting low though and they really need to be washed when you get them to get the machining oil off..

the innokin itaste VV V3 is another great kit I just got for myself for going out and not wanting to bring my mechanicals and drippers etc..

they are variable wattage and voltage and really easy to figure out..set it to variable wattage and around 8 watts and you’ll be good to go..

temp sold out but theres a white version..

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If you have a couple extra 18650’s and a charger I would get him an 18650 mod, some sample juices and some low resistance atomizers.

I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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i personally like mechanical mod over the vv/vw, i got a vamo v2 and tesla both of them either broke or misfire after 1 month of use. i just got this k100-101 and happy with it so far.

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be careful dropping a bottom fire mech. they are battery killers... i know from experience. i have a pair of 18650s ruined from the kecig mod, and i have had about 24 pairs of tenergy lifepo4 rcr123a badly dented from a puresmoker prodigy v3.1. so its the expensive and cheap mods that are at risk with this

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Personally, if you’re trying to get somebody to switch from analogs to ecigs, I find that getting the big eGo sized mods and such is detrimental…..You need to as closely mimic their current daily habit as possible as far as what they carry, and how it’s used.

I have the Joyetech eRoll
It’s about the size of a cigarette, only a bit heavier on the lips (I can let go of it and hold it with my lips for the time it takes to take a puff) and uses a good atomizer (the joyetech type-A) as well as a direct feed cartridge into the atty. Also, the little case it comes with is a battery pack…You pop the ecig into it when you’re putting it in your pocket and it tops off the battery. That and the case charges via micro-USB.
I found a fully loaded cartridge would last me roughly half a day, sometimes a whole day (I’m about a half-a-pack-a-day smoker).

The big VV (Variable Voltage) mods and such others are posting are WONDERFUL systems that offer a higher quality vaping experience, and are something he can look into upgrading to later on…but if he’s switching from analogs, you want something that’s he can carry around and use as easily as his pack and lighter, atleast to ease him into the hobby.

Now, if you just wanna know what/how an ecig is/works….here’s a run down:
Ecigs use nicotine dissolved in Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin….PG is essentially the same juice used in fog machines, and VG is used in food all over. They also add in food-grade flavorings (such as the type used to make hard candy and such).
An Ecig uses a relatively high voltage that is passed through an “atomizer”, this is your heating element. The juice drops onto the atomizer, and is instantly vaporized….This vapor is inhaled and sweet nicotine amazingness is absorbed by your mouth, throat, and lungs. What you exhale is essentially water vapor. zero smoke is involved. You do have to replace the atomizer every so often, depending on the resistance of it (lower resistance burns hotter, and can give stronger flavor) and how often you use it. For some units, this can be a chore, for others like the eRoll, it pops right in.

I feel like I’m rambling, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ve been vaping off and on for a few years now.

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