Most beat up light !

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Most beat up light !

Who has the most beat up used up light? Show them if you got them.

Here is my current EDC a 5 mode(no flashies) 2.8 amp XML A30B mod light and the old standby Solitare key chain light.

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How about 8 poor romisen's ?

These really don't coun't though because I wasn't the one carrying them. Bought 100 of these for the guys at work. These 8 lost their ability to scare away the Darkons after about 3 months. The most common failure was component breakage on the driver itself (usually the coil).  One of the reasons I believe in potting. 


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My RC-29 driver also gave out and has been replaced with a single mode DX cheapie. 

Here is my most beat up light. It also happens to be my very favorite. It works every day. No longer a XR-E Q2 single mode. She sports a three mode XML now.

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Match wrote:
How about 8 poor romisen's ? ... One of the reasons I believe in potting.

i count 5x RC-29's and 3x RC-G2. they look poor lol. arent they likeable for their money? and if not tortured they should last a long long time.

potted? from what i can tell the currently sold 3-mode versions by DX (with the new driver for 14500's) *are* potted. someone mentioned it in some other forum thread. he expressed his surprise about the potted driver.

today i am gonna give the new spare Romisen's (RC-29) to little friends. xmas gift. gonna be a hit (since i'll take my 14500's with me hehe).

Nice pictures guys. Thanks for sharing. My few torches that i own are all in mint condition. i've got no real RL use for them.

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Mine can't compete with Match's but here's my EDC L2P.  It'll be a year old in a couple of weeks and sees very rough service.  Was used as a wheel chock for a cherry picker on an oily floor one time . . .

And people wonder why I like Solarforce so much . . . I've tried to kill it - short of melting it down, I'm begining to think it can't be done.



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Am I the only one that thinks beat up lights look good? I can't help but think that the scratches and dings, dents and scuffs, all add to the character. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the neglected look of poorly maintained gear, but that well used, beat up patina, you just know that if it could talk, that light would have some stories to tell.