Discuss here anything about budget priced LED flashlights from sellers all over the world
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Don't know where to start? What brand? What battery? What size? What features? Post general LED flashlight reviews, questions, and comments here in this catch-all forum.
183901 Lens Comparison:...
by vinte77
5 hours 35 min ago
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Post reviews and questions about single AA or single 14500 battery LED flashlights
26332 EDC Light
by Flying Luminosity
5 min 31 sec ago
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Post reviews and questions about AA or 14500 battery LED flashlights that use more than one battery
9993 Review: Sofirn...
by phsinvent
09/20/2017 - 12:56
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Post reviews and questions about single AAA battery LED flashlights
Subforums: 1 x AAA Flashlight Reviews (2987)
12686 Another Zanflare...
by Phlogiston
09/20/2017 - 11:44
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Post reviews and questions about AAA powered LED flashlights that use more than one battery
2973 GPDesign...
by WendyDTurner
09/16/2017 - 03:55
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Post reviews and questions about LED flashlights that use 18650 type batteries
Subforums: 18650 Flashlight Reviews (20074)
109417 New Convoy C8 –...
by ZozzV6
35 min 47 sec ago
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Post reviews and questions about LED flashlights that use 26650 type batteries
Subforums: 26650 Flashlight Reviews (6058)
23443 Convoy L6......
by JasonWW
31 min 25 sec ago
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Post reviews and questions about LED flashlights that use CR123A type batteries
Subforums: CR123A Flashlight Reviews (2338)
7354 Where to buy good...
by Barkuti
09/21/2017 - 00:51
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Post reviews and questions about medium and large sized LED flashlights that use other battery types, such as 16340, 17670, 18500, R14, 10440, 14650, CR2, C, or D cells.
8785 Mec-Army PT-16,...
by jon_slider
15 hours 41 min ago
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Post reviews and questions about small LED keychain flashlights that use all sorts of round "button" sized batteries
1644 Astrolux K1
by febo
09/22/2017 - 08:44
Discuss here anything about other types of budget LED lights
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Discuss anything about flashlight modding and designing here, including all types of parts and equipment, such as LED drop-ins, drivers, single LEDs, reflectors, switches, etc.
Subforums: DIY Parts Reviews (4472), Featured Mods (5101)
172392 Warm White...
by cccpull
2 min 26 sec ago
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Post general LED headlight reviews, questions, and comments here
Subforums: LED Headlight Reviews (2163)
by vince
3 hours 14 min ago
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Here discuss anything about lights designed for underwater diving
Subforums: Diving Light Reviews (317)
1534 Thorfire TD26...
by Winnowill1984
09/20/2017 - 00:22
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For LED enthusiasts who use flashlights even when there's not a power outage-- Discuss here the plethora of new budget-priced LED light bulbs.
Subforums: LED Light Bulb Reviews (259)
6027 Lawnmower LED...
1 day 9 hours ago
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Post general LED spotlight reviews, questions, and comments here
Subforums: LED Spotlight Reviews (275)
2312 DIY Offroad LED...
by Clown
09/05/2017 - 02:05
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Discuss anything about lanterns with LEDs. For traditional lanterns, please use the "Non-LED" category farther down.
Subforums: LED Lantern Reviews (212)
1261 BLF Lantern...
by erikbuch
09/21/2017 - 14:16
Discuss all types of lights that don't use an LED here.
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Feel free to discuss here any kind of light that doesn't use an LED. Lanterns, lamps (including the ones with real flames!), incandescent, vintage, or HID lighting are all game.
1385 Rub-R-Lite
by LV426
09/21/2017 - 14:53
Discuss everything related to batteries and chargers here
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Discuss all types of rechargeable batteries here.
55635 18650 storage boxes
by Agro
7 hours 12 min ago
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Discuss all types of battery chargers here.
Subforums: Charger Reviews (5529)
22714 Best NiMh Charger
by Serenity
1 day 22 hours ago
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Here you can discuss anything from chargers with USB output, to portable rechargeable battery banks for USB peripherals
Subforums: USB Power Device Reviews (2870)
4427 Android mAh...
by atbglenn
09/21/2017 - 19:14
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Discuss consumable "throw away" batteries of all types here.
1990 Disassembly of 9V...
by snakebite
08/22/2017 - 20:12
Where to buy budget flashlights?
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Discuss your experiences with the various budget and foreign flashlight sellers.
Subforums: Dealer Ratings (6020)
20957 Interesting store...
by nydude
6 hours 51 min ago
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Found a hot deal on budget light products that you want to share? Please post it here. For buyers only, please. Commercial sellers, please post in the Commercial Sellers' Spot.
48925 KD (kaidomain):...
by ifratos
54 min 30 sec ago
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Brave users that are willing to head off the development of customized flashlight products specially for the BLF audience can orchestrate the process in this category.
63597 Q8, production...
by djozz
12 min 5 sec ago
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Have a new or used budget flashlight that you'd like to sell? Post a detailed description here and then arrange to sell and ship via the private message system.
33040 (unemployment...
by Tjohn
1 hour 38 min ago
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Looking to buy a new or used budget flashlight? Post your detailed requests here, and then arrange to buy via the private messenging system.
6930 WTB old or junk...
by Bort
1 day 7 hours ago
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Commercial sellers are welcome to post a few flashlight-related product threads in this category. Liaisons can use the BLF User Negotiated Deals subcategory inside here. All sellers and liaisons must adhere to the same basic BLF rules as everyone else.
Subforums: BLF User Negotiated Deals (40424)
111710 Acebeam L30 New...
by amaretto
3 hours 15 min ago
Non-flashlight related items
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How are we doing? Please post here your comments and questions about the site.
12337 Google ads have...
by Suncoaster
5 hours 31 min ago
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New to Want to get to know other users and their peculiarities? This is the place to say "Hi".
19087 New Canadian Member
by The Miller
09/17/2017 - 05:22
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There are certain pieces of hardware that go hand in hand with a flashlight. Feel free to post questions and reviews about knives, multi-tools, and other EDC accessories.
Subforums: Gear Reviews (1453)
by Tinderbox UK
1 day 18 hours ago
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Experience the incredible generosity of the BLF community and create or participate in fun giveaways and contests.
44411 Pulsars Random...
by atbglenn
18 min 30 sec ago
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You're welcome to chat here about whatever suits your fancy, as long as it follows the BLF Site Rules. Please strictly avoid all controversial and divisive topics such as religion and politics. Keep it civil please!
112009 Quest to replace...
by CheapThrills
31 min 44 sec ago
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