anyone know of customlites inc?

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anyone know of customlites inc?

I was just pokin' around looking for a shadow tc 500 and found and found they sell all sorts of budget lights and even custom drop-ins,even nichia!They seem to be a U.S. seller and prices are a little high but if you don't want to wait a month for stuff,may be an alternative.Looking to see if anyone has experiences with them.

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That is CPF Member Nailbender’s site, check his sig line at the bottom of his first post

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AlexGT wrote:
That is CPF Member Nailbender’s site, check his sig line at the bottom of his first post

I heard the NiZn was pretty much a dead battery chemistry but i see nailbender sells them. Since he is selling them would that not lend viability for this format? Btw, very credible vendor. I am gonna buy the NiZn bundle.


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Hey everyone,
I have also ordered from Dave quite a few times and he is extremely fast. I think all of my orders arrived on the 3rd day, every time.

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I’m very happy with a dual-Amber I bought from ‘nailbender’ a while back.
Do read his CPF thread linked above— he offers many more choices to flashaholics than the few described on his web page.

> NiZn — I’ve had a couple go bad fairly fast, but I don’t always remember to charge them every month as they advise doing.

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I’ve also bought a couple of p60 drop-ins from Nailbender. One of them is a 3 mode XM-L U2 running @ 3.1A. It’s 3 modes are nicely spaced out.