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Here I am, back again. It is nice to know that all of you there care and thank you for the prayers. The computer read to me what was typed to me. Smile I am not sure how I did, but I had to try it….I ten the Orick around the apartment to try and clean up a bit, and my wife said I did a fair job on it. I am able to get items like bottled water from the fridge because I know where it is in the fridge. Things like that will get easier over time as you keep trying to learn. I am currently enjoying listening to the Uncommon Heros Series by Dee Henderson audio book series, it is encouraging. The first book is called True Devotion, and it is a good book.

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Paul, it's heartening to hear you have a little angel by your side, I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best,

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Boaz wrote:

  Sadly these things come at us and we seem to almost never understand why .It is the heart of what faith is .. to trust in him not our circumstances knowing that in all these things god is glorified .Like your friend Paul says ..I consider the suffering of this present age not worthy to be compared to the glory which will be revealed to us ..and we walk by faith ,not by sight . You obviously weren’t at Liberty University because you lacked faith. Stay the course and be of good cheer ..We are in the midst of a mist and our lives  are as a vapour ,here for a moment  then gone again … 

 Thank you for sharing something so personal with us …We are indeed your friends and as much as we can , we share in your suffering….

+1 God Bless Bud!

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I wish you the best Paul, and that your family can help you to get adapted to this new situation the best they can.

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Frankly you are an inspiration to me ( and others ). As bad as it is you fight on – i wish i had half you courage. I think its normal to get down sometimes and as shitty as things can be its important to know that you have good things and its almost healing to focus on that good and to appreciate it fully.

daughters hug for instance …

focus on what you can do and live the best you can !


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Know that we are all rooting for you.

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