Review: Keygos KE-303

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Review: Keygos KE-303

In the past, based on reviews here on BLF I purchased a Keygos M10. It is basically a “C8” type XML light that runs on 18650 of 26650 cells. Very nice light.
A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the web and came across the website of Keygos HERE
There I found a flashlight that looked quite interesting so I ordered one, only 20 bucks.HERE
I recieved the KE-303 today and here is a quick “rearview” of it.

First of all what attracted me to this light other than it being an XML is that it has a built in charger and comes with car and home adapters. No need to take the battery out (more on this later). Also the KE-303 has a VERY deep reflector, possibly for very good throw. It took about 3 weeks to come direct from China, average shipping time I would say.

This is a picture of the light next to a C8 for size comparison. Note the extra length and the on off switch halfway down the body of the host. I use the word host (more on this later).

Next is a picture of a partially disassembled C8 and KE-303. The reflector is metal of very good quality, as the construction of the whole flashlight BTW. What was exciting to me was the depth of it. Also plenty of fins on the head for heat dissipation.

However all of this is for naught because when I first took tail cap measurements I found that this light is WAY under driven.

Here is why………

Firstly the pill is hollow and is of the floating kind
Secondly the star is not attached to the pill, nor is the surface of the pill FLAT.

Now it figures why the light is so under driven.
1.03A High
0.50A Med
0.11A Low

But wait! The most disturbing is yet to come.

A couple of days after I ordered it, I realized that recharging a Li-Ion battery in a “pipe” with threaded “caps” at both ends is NOT a good idea. The way to MAXIMIZE an explosion is to contain it initially. If there is ever a problem with the battery while it is charging inside the flashlight, there WILL be a big problem.

As if this wasn’t enough, I discovered that the regulating circuits of the charger reside in the power adapters!!!!!!!!!
The correct way (IMHO) would be to put the regulating circuts INSIDE the light so that it could tolerate any variables in the input voltage, but NO. Here are pics of the 2 power adapters that come with it

I confirmed it, the power jack on the flashlight is wired STRAIGHT to the cell. This means that if one plugs in the wrong power adapter, and EVENTually someone will, there will be a BIG problem. I can see this setup as a pipe bomb waiting to happen!

This is why I call this a “rearview” of the flashlight.

It’s a shame because other than the pill and the internal charging, it is a well machined and attractive light. Maybe someone else could have created a better pill, as for me, I will epoxy the charging port shut and put an XRE in it.
I have already held the reflector up to a fully driven XRE and it really throws!

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Thanks for the quick review, dchomak. Dang...too bad on those faults, for it's a good looking light.  I'm curious what the beam pattern was like with the xml... despite only being driven at 1 amp, what was your impression of it? Is there potential if it was driven at 3+amps? Heatsinks and drivers are easy to fix/replace...reflectors on the other hand are out of my league.

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That is a pity a it is a really nice looking light. Could you not do a bit of work on the pill, glue the charging port and use it with a properly driven XML?