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special treatment?


ha, i give THEM special treatment!! FT staff knows too well what pita the customer 'kresil' is. ( hehe )

am not proud of it, just saying.

oh don't quote me on this, or i will delete.

*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh
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I just had a look at my orders and although spending $475.00 since June 04, and with over 6 pages of orders in the history, no such luck. However I still await the $145.00 order I placed on July 09 and marked as shipped on July 12. In the meantime the AV Cable I ordered from HK off eBay on July 20 arrived yesterday. In spite of the incredible litany of excuses FT has been coming up with for all the ongoing shipping delays, the only thing that seems for sure is they are playing fast and furious with telling the truth it would seem.

Isn’t it encouraging to see Geek making statements like the following?

Again, this is standard procedure and we usually don’t treat priority customers with standard procedures.

Regards, TS

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I don’t have any badges and I’ve spent about $200 total there over a few orders.

Seems they only want to make the big spenders happy if they aren’t working in order of first come first serve.

Wonder if they will lose enough smaller spenders due to lack of support and long shipping times to make them realize what they have done.

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You're welcome to go back to DX.

The low mode should be lower.

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atbglenn wrote:

I don’t smoke and yet I’ve always had great service from fasttech. Fast shipping and delivery from my experience. So far 11 orders with absolutely no issues

+1,more like +10

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ive spent over $900 there and nothing for me, in fact their service has gotten much worse, but wallbuys service has gotten much better, in fact my fastest items have came from them! Don’t know if ill order from FT again, if I do it will be a small order I don’t really care about.

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but wallbuys service has gotten much better

Thanks for the tip, think I’ll grab some 26.5mm drop-ins, bike gloves, and NCR18650B unprotected from them today and give them a try. On some of the other items they seem a bit high or out of date, for example the Solarforce hosts are cheaper from the Solarforce website, and the Spark SL6S-740NM are the older XM-L at $9.00 more than the Canadian price where they are XM-L2.

I also noted that on the image for their T6 XM-L drop-ins they have the spring soldered to a separate board, whereas the drop-in I got from IOS recently has the spring soldered inverted directly to the Nanjg driver. Think I prefer the former method, but IOS had more choices for drop-ins such as XM-L2 T47C until they seem to have run out of stock.

And BTW, it appears the FT order that went SG Post that I referenced above (ordered July 9) is at the post office today, so at three weeks+, it beat the last one by a week.

Update: The slow-down was probably not FT. The large heavy package contained 3 knives, batteries, and a weigh scale, “Opened by Customs”. No wonder, glad to see that Customs is being alert and vigilant. However I’m sure if I was a FT Priority Customer, my package would have enjoyed diplomatic immunity wouldn’t it?

Regards, TS

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I got 10 orders since mid April, maybe $400-$500 worth, then a ton more going back to December, probably for a total of over $1,000, couple of posted reviews, no badge. Totall agree - the service has gone down hill big time, not just for me, but for others. What I don't like is classic bait & switch, you order something but get something inferior in it's place. All they do is offer you a small % discount, nothing much.

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woo hoo.. i got priority services but only on my complaints Big Smile
but i do spend more than $200/month on them though and spend the same amount on wallbuys each month too :~
ooh.. need to join Flashlight Anonymous soon.

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