UV light & Sunglasses

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UV light & Sunglasses

Is using a UV light a good way to test sunglasses? I have a few cheap pairs that were advertised as UV blocking but I’d like to make sure. Will a simple p60 UV drop-in suffice?

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I used both sunlight and 395 mn UV light to test my safety glasses blocking which are UV400 rated with one of these UV bead straps (I got mine from Ebay).

The beads normally turn pink-purple in strong sunlight and darker purple with the UV light shone directly on it. The glasses blocked both sources of UV effectively, but I don’t know how well the beads show UVB (315-280 nm) which is most harmful. They may only respond to UVA.

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Wonderful plan. Your sunglasses block all UV light. I regularly purchase tinted protection glasses at spaces like sufficiently.

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Thank you for your collaboration

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