Here's an idea :)

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Here's an idea :)

Here is an idea that I think would be a self-correcting process for the various budget Chinese dealers...

Open a small local retail area in their warehouse staffed by the same people who currently handle the rest of the business. Carry a small quantity of the most popular items and let local people (customers) try out the merchandise in the showroom before purchasing.

This would eliminate the "bad" products where they are all bad (DD free light for example) because it would be embarrassing. Someone would ask to look at that light, put in a battery and turn it on, and it would fry! If this kept happening the dealers would weed out their own bad products.

For products where not every one is bad but where many are the same thing would happen. The dealer would be quicker to drop inferior manufacturers rather than just write it off as a cost of doing business as is (apparently) currently the case.

Most of these companies don't have any face-to-face contact with real customers or with their own merchandise really. Opening a showroom would correct that problem.


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I bought my first, and only (at present discounting my mag lights) LED light from a Chinese seller on e bay.. They warned that delivery over xmas could mean delays but 9 days to my door,,, that's quick. by any standard. I dont trust the batteries(included), Trustfire 2400mha,, I read enough on this forum to scare me pants off, the charger(included) is basic,, the internal mains connector is poor, i took the lid off to check it(being reworked to my standards) but the light is absolutely fantastic. Quality is A1. Superb. I pre ordered some senybor 2800`s to replace the as yet unused trustfires. The light,, a trustfire tr1200...Wow... the company... vicicompany,(?) The price for the lot 30GBP (without the senybor`s). .Everytime i turn it on i smile (priceless). Worth a punt? i say so!!!