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Anecdotally I can say they are good, technically I have no clue on it. Ive had two, I kept one, gave one to my mother in law. I also have ED10s too so havent given any of them a lot of use as alternated them, and now use a SWM v11R most days and have a MT21 in my 4by as a AA light so mine basically sit. So much so, that I just looked for them, and cant recall where they might be. EDIT: Found an ED10 still looking for the ED30 I kept.

Its reasonably bright on 14500, and good on 2 x AA without mods. Quality is good, price point around $20 IMO, I recall seeing them for $40 so watch that, I paid $9. Anno seems alright although I never really test them for that. I like to keep things in order so lights go in my pocket, with nothing else in there and I dont drop them. So far though, my MIL has not mentioned any faults with hers and it gets a bit of use although not daily.

IIRC, you can ask the company that makes them directly for a UI of 3 modes, no blinkies. Im not sure if they have a minimum order q for that though but I get the impression thats where they are aiming. Postage wasnt free, but its quick, and not expensive. They tend to be looking for resellers, not consumers I think. However I have noticed they have a presence here, at least they have had in recent times.

Brinyte here at BLF http://budgetlightforum.com/user/14118
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If you only buy one light a year, I wouldnt. If youre happy to buy a few, then its worth a shot. They are decent enough IMO, but no idea of modability or heat management etc as I did not pull one down at all.