Bike light choice - advice needed.

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Bike light choice - advice needed.

Hi All


First post here so please be gentle Smile


I want to buy a new bike light but cant afford the big name brands and have narrowed the choice down to the following:



and these two from DE OPTION1 and OPTION2



I have a few P7 flashlights but have not bought a bike light and to be honest, I dont know a lot about modding or anything like that.

I am leaning towards the Yezl as I like the set up and controls.


Can anyone advise me as to which they think would be best or if there is a better option for the same price bracket or close to?


Thanks so much for your help.


Sorry if I have made a mistake in posting this too, but please let me know what I have done wrong and I will correct it immediately.


Thank you! Smile

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Yezl sure looks like more versatile but the last one from DX has the price-advantage.


I have only tested that P7 indoors, your middle link.

Wide beam but I expect XM-L would do better heat and runtime to lumenpower -wise.

I ordered recently an XM-L bikelight from DX to my friend. (sad to say, but 9 days and still processing...)

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I would take option 2, it has an XM-L led and a batterypack with 4 x 18650 cells.

Option 1 uses the older, less efficient SSC-P7.

The YEZL looks very cool, but it will be a lot of work to put it on your bike every time you need it. There are too many parts to mount on the bike. It is also more expensive, and i think there are no batteries included.