Sanyo UR14500 batteries not 100% compatible with Nitecore MT10A

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Sanyo UR14500 batteries not 100% compatible with Nitecore MT10A

I bought a pair of these Sanyo’s from Fasttech thinking they’d be a nice capacity upgrade from the Nitecore IMR14500 that came with the light. Unfortunately they don’t always work 100% of the time and usually require me to smack the left side of the head of the light against my palm to get it to turn on. Smacking the right side of the head against my palm turns the light off. This only happens with the two Sanyo batteries and not the Nitecore one. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re flat top or because they’re slightly shorter than the Nitecore battery, maybe a combination of both. In any case, it doesn’t seem these batteries are making perfect contact inside the light.

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The Sanyo UR14500 is “THE” 14500 cell. Nitecore just need to fix their product. (Or make a much better cell then the Sanyo UR14500) (unlikely).

Or to be more helpful, take you soldering iron and put a dot of solder on the + end.

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I think you’ll find the MT10A is meant to work with button tops only. If you look up the battery tube, near the positive contact could be a small raised ‘bar’ put there to stop the battery working if you insert it backwards ie, reverse polarity protection.I’ve got the MT10C, and thats what is in mine.


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the MT10A has a reverse polarity protection and is not ment to work with flat top cells…

i assume the smashing left/right un/shortens the contacts.
i have to test mine if there is continuity and risk of shortening the cell…

using a small magnet or solder blob on the positive side of the sanyo will make it compatible.


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