Review of Nitecore MT40GT XP-L Hi

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Review of Nitecore MT40GT XP-L Hi

I received the Nitecore MT40GT from Nitecore for the review.
The MT40GT is a flashlight of the 2×18650 segment, with the new CREE XP-L HI V3 Led.

The light comes in a cardboard box, with a sheath, o-rings, manual, clip, lanyard and tactical ring.

A pic of the light is on the side of the box.

Suggested activity. Too bad “Flashlight collection” is missing Smile

The sleek lines of the MT40GT.

The head of the light is smaller compared to other 2×18650 lights. The lettering is precise.
The squared profile with knurling, at the base of the head, allows to rotate the head even if it is wet or slippery.

The design of the tailcap allows tailstanding and easy access to the Forward click switch.

The XP-L Hi is at the center of the smooth reflector

Thick orings and well made threads. Anodized at the tailcap for physical lockout.

There is some knurling on the body of the light.

On the + pole there is a golden spring (flat top batteries work), and the driver is labeled Sysmax.

A very good cordura sheath, with metal d-ring and M.O.L.L.E. compatible.

The light is secured in the sheath.

The MT40GT works with 2×18650 or 4xCR123 cells. RCR are not supported
This is the level spacing with 2×18650.

The UI is the one present in othe Nitecore Lights.
When the head is tightened, you have the turbo level.
When the head is loosened, you have another level. You can choose this level between: high, medium, low, SOS and strobe by using the switch. The level choosen will be memorized.
It is possible to switch between the turbo and the selected level by rotating the head.

The runtime test was conducted with a luxmeter dataogger (thanks AntoninoDattola), with sampling rate = 30”, using 2×18650 2600 mAh protected cells. The runtime of the low level was not completed.

There is a stepdown at the turbo level. All the tested levels are regulated.

Beamshot (thanks to P.P. for the location)
40 meters (low-mid-hi-turbo)

140 meters, turbo. On the tree there is a reflective sign.

The light can illuminate further, but I wasn’t able to get nice pics.

The MT40GT due to the XP-L Hi is a light that can throw a lot, especially for its size.
Even at the lower levels, the light can illuminate at distance, making the runtime longer.
But the MT40GT is not a laser beam. As you can see from the beamshot at 40 meters, the light has some spill, relatively wide and intense.
Changing the levels with the rotation of the head is very easy. I would prefere if SOS and strobe mode were hidden.
In my experience, the big lights I use most are the ones with a sheath, and the sheath of the MT40GT is practical and well made.
I think the MT40GT is a good light for someone who is looking for a light from the 2×18650 segment, with smaller dimension and still good throw.

Thanks for reading.

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nice pictures!

thanks for sharing! Beer


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You are welcome Smile

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good review, thanks a lot for your great info, been sniffing around this light but still having a hard time deciding in between the new MH41 and this model

overall this seems to be an excellent slightly compact thrower

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thanks for the review.

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Great review, and your beamshot pics are much better than any I have done. Thanks!

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good read – thank you! an awesome thrower.

I like the build quality and the sheath