Replacement tail switch- Need to locate

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Replacement tail switch- Need to locate

So I’ve got two options here… find another cheap AA size light with a switch I can steal from, or find a new replacement tail switch (the internal switch component) for this new Ultrafire C3 I just got. The light ended up costing me less than $2, so sending it back was not a cost-effective option.

I disassembled the switch, half destroying it in the process. Kinda half had it working, but it didn’t feel right, then it went back to being stuck in the closed position again.

The switch itself is labeled “LG-15” and gives the current and voltage rating below that, “1A250VAC” in case you are wondering. I searched and cannot find a replacement switch for this stupid thing.

Any ideas?

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The aluminum versions of the C3 are Notorious for contcact problems much less the switch problem you describe.  

 You can get generic switches off ebay for less than 2 bucks if you're handy at improvising.

Maybe consider the stainless model which is known to be the best out of the box in the C3 lineup?