Stupid boss story, good for a laugh

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Stupid boss story, good for a laugh

So today a few of us at work are talking to the BIG boss, the General Manager of not only our dealership but about 5 other dealerships. We sell retail products as part of the dealership. Retail products almost always have barcodes on them. So BIG boss picks up a product, trying to make a point, and points to the barcode and asks, "What is this called, a code or something? Or a bar? What is it called?"

I was like WTF??? He wasn't kidding. The guy has been a Manager for years and years and he doesn't even know what a barcode is? I would say most people in the general public know what a barcode is. Heck my phone has an APP that will scan a barcode and look up prices on the internet for me!

It's no wonder in a lot of companies there is a huge disconnect between the worker and the upper management... we live in two different worlds.

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thats funny lmao.

just like one of the lead man in another department. asked where our cream came would think working in the dairy buisness one would know...............

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ya he is the type that is a spreadsheet manager , prolly doesnt have a clue except how to make pretty spreadsheets , bullshit people and kiss ass.

the mangers in my immediate area make around 650k + altogether and arent worth a turd

i would rather pay people to do work myself - 1 person to manage 8 overworked sobs ?? i could hire 2 people min. and make one a lead


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I think not knowing what a barcode is called has nothing to do with him being the GM. Unless you never go shopping, ever, you're bound to find out eventually. You're not born a GM, right?

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haha, interesting

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The really bad part is he probably has an inventory control manager who has a barcode reader that he uses to do inventory checks with. And every car in stock probably has a baracode sticker on the windshield.

Someone sold him the system and he doesn't even know what it does...

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I think he knows what it does. He just forgot what it's called. He definitely should have though.

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A few moths ago i was asked by a executive director of a strictly technical company to help thim wit the AC they just recently installed in the building. I told him they must surel have left some form of manual, he should try that 1st to learn the new toy. Then he asks me: Ok ill do that but just one quick qustion... which position do i switch to fire up the thing... on or off?

I was amazed by the extreme lack of common knowledge he just expressed. Ok, he is not a native English speaker, but English (sometimes German instead if desired) is mandatory from elementary shool and onwards in my country. Lastly he is supposedly and engineer that has to do with water distribution or something so no excuse there.


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My brother is a big boss. He always acts like he doesn't know anything. Then people are more likely to help him out and he doesn't come off like a jerk. It could just be an act, especially since he used the words "bar" and "code" but didn't put them together.

The other thing is that some people just can't recall stuff that quickly, which doesn't make them dumb, but it is kind of frustrating. I've gotten more and more like that. A friend of mine uses a metaphor of a wheel with words on it in your brain and you just have to wait for the wheel to spin around to the word (or name or whatever little snippet of info) in order to recall it. That's why 10 minutes later sometimes something will just hit you even though you weren't thinking about it. It just takes a while for the wheel to spin around to that word. Some people have faster wheels than others, some people have more stuff written on the wheels.

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Prioritize things that matters. I guess that's the reason he's the GM. Tongue out Smile

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