How to Fix my Mini Quark 4Sevens

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How to Fix my Mini Quark 4Sevens

Had it for several years and it’s a great little light.
But lately it does this: won’t hold at a lumen level, will twist it and it just usually
gives a quick flicker, then goes to another level, or goes off. Almost definitely won’t
hold the highest lumen level, but flashes it then goes to another level then quickly to
another level.

Does this sound like any common problem and would anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance. No trolls.

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I guess it’s because the driver contact is not steady.
Have you tried to clean the head contact with the battery?

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If you’ve used it extensively it may have worn off the contact surface where the battery meets the driver. If that’s the case, there is a conductive glue/paint that you might fix it with. A tiny solder bump might also fix it, as long as you don’t inadvertently unsolder something on the other side of the driver – which is what I’d probably do!

You might also try cleaning the threads thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before re-lubing. There may be a contact issue there with built up or dried lube. (I once switched the heads on a pair of Preon 2s and got erratic operation with one of them until I changed them back.)

I also carry a Mini AA Ti, and I’ve already noticed wear on the contact surface of the driver after three or four battery changes.

If you manage to fix it, let us know what worked. It’s bound to also happen to the rest of us sooner or later!

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Does it do that with all batteries? How many different batteries have you tried?

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4sevens has a 10 years warranty (which is about the only thing I still like about them, since they took a wrong turn). Just send it back to them for repair. If you’re in the US, it probably won’t cost much for shipping. The old Quarks are nice lights, so it’s worth getting them fixed.