Duraloops new or old Eneloops?

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I was wondering if the Duraloops are the new or old Eneloops. Is there a way to determine other than cycling 1500 times?

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Duraloops have existed before

Duraloops have existed before the new eneloops.  I'd say the best guess would be that duraloops are the original eneloops.  I haven't seen any new packaging to indicate otherwise.

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AA's are 2000mah  AAA's are

AA's are 2000mah

 AAA's are 800mah

lots of the newer duracells are china or blacktop rayovac hybrids  the older cells are usually printed in 2007 or 2009 packaging printing on the back and there are other numbers on them that will help you figure that out AA/hr6/dx1500

I 'm not really answering your question ...

 to me it never really mattered any eneloop was as good as another .. they obviously aren't the XXX but the U.S. hasn't even gotten them yet a year later .. go figure


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