Skilhunt H02 vs. H02R

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Skilhunt H02 vs. H02R

Currently in the market for a new headlamp.
I see gearbest is having a sale on these Skilhunts and was wondering what the difference between the two were.
Also, is the sale price for the NW versions @ $27.59 a good deal?
Would this be the best bang for the buck on a headlamp right now?
I was looking for something budget at around $20 but I think these Skilhunts would be too good a deal to pass up.
Thank you!

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H02 has a tir optic (better for intermediate distances, still has somewhat the resemblance of a spot)
H02R has a reflector (better for long distances, the spot is hard to use at close distances).

Sale price is good imho. I paid mine arund 32€ a year ago and today it’s a better deal, because the new lights are coming out.

I’m gonna post the review of the H02 also here on BLF.

All my reviews, in italian and english, here:

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Reflector vs. TIR