3 lumapower incendios gone, need a budget alternative

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3 lumapower incendios gone, need a budget alternative

What’s up guys? I have managed to loose my third inocendio (2 in vegas…) so I am looking for a cheaper alternative. I like the 16340 size so a want to stick with that. I don’t need anything fancy. it just needs to throw decent and maybe have 1-2 modes. I usually only use my light for a few seconds at time. I am pretty open clicky are twist. I would prefer to have something on the warm side but that is not necessary. Is there anything out there for about 20 bucks? I also don’t mind putting something together if it will stretch the budget.

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Convoy S2+ in 16340 tube. Choose your tint! Convoy S2+ 18350/16340 Version 7135×8 5-Mode LED Flashlight

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