Lux meter advice

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Lux meter advice

I’ve just ordered a cheapo lux meter – linked and whilst I hope I haven’t bought a lemon I’m just wondering if there are any tips on using these.

I have a shed that I can set up the meter semi permenantly (attach to a wall) and then have another point where I can place multiple lights to test. Should you test at just 1m or are there any other suggestions? I could set up a re-usable test location for up to 5m in the shed but I’m wondering if I need to go further or is that pointless?

What about ceiling bounces? Are these useful to anyone? My shed would be a bad location for this due to it being a pitched roof.

I mainly bought it as a toy to play with and hopefully I can compare a few lights that I own against each other. I dont expect it to be accurate nor do I think I could be bothered to set up something to measure lumens.

If the lux meter I’ve bought is rubbish let me know as it’s on back order at the moment so I could cancel it.

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Hey mate i think ceiling bounce test would be the way to go. Its more so measuring ambient light levels from bouncing of the ceiling. I use my shed i have set up a bench mark where i know how many luxs equals how many lumens. Beam pattern still plays a part in the numbers but less then just point a light source at the lux meter. It will give you a rough estimate if one flashlight is brighter then another if they have close specs. Also try and do the do all torches at the same distance to the roof.