Massdrop Brass AAA EDC Review

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Paul321 wrote:
Sullysat wrote:
Looking for alternate points of view here…

I bought the massdrop lights (I like the brass) in both tints, and I like the light.

What I don’t like – and I have the same problem with my Lumintop tool – is that the dang thing sticks out of my pocket so far that I keep getting stuck on it or catching it an pulling it out of my pocket.

Overall I love AAA torches for EDC and I carry my 348, or my Jetbeam-u all the time.

I carry in my left front pocket usually. Does anyone else have this issue with these lights that don’t clip for deep pocket carry?

I have the brass version with the same issue , I can’t find the right spot on my pocket edge to clip the light . I am searching for a good method to use the lanyard hole to attach the brass light to my keychain. The hole is very small diameter. not many split rings that I can readily find to fit in there.
I have the SingFire 348, but I find it slippery to hold. I like it I just find it slippery

At this point, my EDC rotation is the Jetbeam-u and UltraTac K18. Both lights clip great to my left front pocket and neither of them has issues with turning on in my pocket like the Tool or the Massdrop light.

Having said that, I FINALLY found a great use for the Lumintop torch, it’s now in my day hike bag because it throws plenty of light and I can turn the clip around and use it as a headlamp on my ball cap.

Of course, I’m still looking for a good use for the Massdrop light, because I really like it. Something good will turn up.

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Danglerb wrote:
Which Spyderco knife is that in the comparison to small objects picture?

It is a Spyderc dog tag in CF...

nice looking little knife but it is a slip keep that in mind...

it is s30v steel nevertheless...


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Thanks, seems like a nice one, but not a very useful one from reviews, many only bought two.

Still a bit dim