Hello from Kansas City!

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Hello from Kansas City!

Hello everyone, I’ve been on CPF since 2005, thought I would check out BLF. I’m impressed so far, there seems to be tons of technical knowledge. I’ve always been a Surefire/Fenix guy who recently became a fan of Zebralight. Now I’m currently in the market for a 1×26650/1×18650 single LED thrower, so I’m having fun researching that.

I’m also looking at getting into modding, but I’m really struggling to find beginner information that just plainly explains the latest LED’s out there and how I should know which one to pick. The information out there either doesn’t cover why certain LED’s are chosen, or is so advanced that it’s over my head. Here’s the type of information I’m looking for:

XP-L2 – Runs at _____ voltage, best used for ________ type of light, with _________driver.
XHP35 – Runs at ______ voltage, best used for ______type of light, with ________ driver.
etc for all of the latest LED’s…

Thanks everyone, I’ll be seeing you around!

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Welcome to BLF
You should check out Utorch UT02
A single 26650/18650 thrower using a boost driver so the XHP35HI gets 12V Wink

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Hey jayhackett03, welcome to BLF! Smile

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Please enjoy your time here, jayhackett03!


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Hey there fellow flashaholic, welcome to the forum. The most common LEDs are the 3v variety but they vary considerably based on the maximum current they can handle. I think the easiest way to visualize this is with Djozz’ tests thread where he has crash tested most of them. The smallest LED dies like xpe tolerate lower currents, above that are Nichia 219/A/B/C and xpg-/2/3, then XML /2. The XPL is an XML 2 die on an XP size substrate with the dome sides sheared off to fit, the XPL hi is also an XML die but with no dome, only a thinner flat silicon cover that doesn’t optically enlarge the apparent die size so it makes a better thrower at the expense of a slightly diminished output. The next step up is to the higher voltage LEDs like xhp 50/70, MT G2 and 12 V xhp 35. The 35, 50, and 70 are all quad die LEDs similar to the old P7 and MCE. As with 3V LEDs, current capability correlates to size but virtually any led with a center heat pad can tolerate much higher current with more output if mounted on a direct thermal path (DTP) copper mcpcb. Have fun!

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Welcome to the BLF jayhackett03! From one ZebraLight fan to another, cheers.

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scdaf wrote:
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Hi jayhackett03 and welcome here. On which your search is successful.

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Welcome to BLF! I am new here too. I have been enjoying it here also. I have been on CPF since 2004.

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