CRX Four Year Giveaway

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CRX Four Year Giveaway

I will have been a member of BLF for four years on 02:04:17 (April 2nd) and it has been quite a progressive journey for me going from simply buying lights to small changes to full rebuilds and even making some from scratch.

I'm sure I have helped and also annoyed some people during that time Big Smile

I still have a lot to experience and learn in the future, I learn new things here every day and like to give a little back to the community where I can so I will give away two lights from my collection that I no longer have use for and someone else may like.

The lights are used and not in perfect condition.



The main interest here on the forum for me is modifying flashlights and reading other peoples great posts, so to enter this giveaway with a qualifying post you just need to tell me what mod or build I have done that you like.


Anyone can enter who is a member before this posting.

One post counts per member (first post) but you can change it anytime before 02:04:17

You must say which of these two lights you would like.

Jokes, funny stuff, informative posts are welcome as are random thoughts, opinions, what's on your mind, whatever but stick to the rules.


The winners will be chosen on 02:04:17




Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI


- New Owner - Sledgestone  Thumbs Up 


Noctigon XP32 32mm MCPCB

Ledil Cute-3-SS optic

Stock driver

19mm × 32mm aluminium heatsink

GITD indicator switch & bezel inserts

Side clip

Bypassed springs

Tailcap lockout

Max – 940lm

cd – 6700

Throw – 164m

This will be supplied with 4 Eneloop XXX AA NiMH cells which is quite useful as that is what powers the light tongue-out



CQG Bullet Stainless Steel 16340


- New Owner - scrumpypaul Thumbs Up 


XP-G2 S4 2B emitter

Aluminium MCPCB

Nanjg 105c 3A 3 mode driver

2 x Red 6 x 1.5mm Tritium vials in tail

Reverse clicky

Max – 440lm

cd – 2200

Throw – 94m

Supplied with one 16340 cell which is....

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I really like the tiny mods you do, like adding switches to 10180-size twisty lights. I guess my favorite mod from you is the Direct-drive MT-G2 in a BLF-348. But, more than your mods, I liked your Contest build(s) in the 2016 Scratch Build contest. You have some awesome talent! Thanks for the GAW!

I’m not expecting to win this GAW. But, if I had to choose a prize light, it would be the Nitecore EA4.

Edit: By the way, if I do happen to win, please save your Eneloops! I already have some Eneloop Pro Black that have been sitting around, needing to be used for something! Silly If you want to send me some cells, you can give me a couple more 10180’s. Wink

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l have a cool white ea4, then an ea41….just stock lights, but that triple Nichia 219c is something else.

Please count me in!

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I love tiny steel light so my heart goes for the CNQG Bullet !
I love nearly all your mods, from tiny non sense powerhouses such as the XHP T10, MTG2 348, MTG2 Airayland, to homebrewed brass creation with a special mention to your cubetube mule from the Nitecore Tube !
Congrats on your 4 years of addiction and a growing passion for bright little things !

What will you do with this one ? Wink

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Cogratulations on 4 years BLF, the most fun forum on the internet. Thanks for so many interesting posts.

My favourite CRX mod? Your Brass Art of course. It is perhaps the most outrageous and comprehensive flashlight build that I have ever seen.

From the 2 prizes I think I like the EA4 the most, and I may even swap leds again Smile

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I like both of those cool buggers.

I don’t have time to mod (two wee’ns) plus I’m useless. My fave of yours is that teensy one you made out of copper pipe and magnets. I just thought it was brilliant. Plus great patina!!!!

I suppose if I have to choose, it’s gotta be the bullet.



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Well … I can’t really choose only one …. Every mod you do is awesome!

But , i think these 2 are really great . The Meteor with charging and the Thrinite T10T with xhp50 Wink

As the prize , i think EA4 is superb .

Thanks !

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I would love to get my hands on any of your modded lights! Your mods simply amazes me. Especially the Aurora SH-034 Quad Nichia 219C. It looks fantastic! I just wish I had the knowledge and skills to do something similar.

If I win I would like the Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI.

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the mod i really like the most is“manker e14”:
but also like the p60 dropin and the uf-10

mods you dont see everyday.

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Cogratulations on 4 years BLF!

Thrunite T10T XHP50 is my favorite CRX mod.

I prefer Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI if i will win.


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Try something new. I really liked to do a step-up driver.
Here on the forum everything revolves around line drivers. Or their variations with a FET transistor. But there is a decent driver for 6-9-12 volts based on Indigo 5. This is the prototype of the meteor driver.
The firmware and layout is in this thread on Fonarevka

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Count me in as a fanboy of your work. I always make it a point of checking in on your posts. I’m most impressed with the small(aka tiny) lights that you work on. There is just so little space to work on. So far I haven’t found a use for those magnifying lens whilst soldering but am starting to think that I should start using them. Do you use those while soldering? & if so do you find they really help much?

As per those two lights. While I love how the bullet came out those Nichia’s make me sway towards the warm triple.

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Those are some nice mods.
I like the EA4.
Thanks for the chance.

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Hey mate i like all your mods they are unique. I especially like the smaller lights seeing as i dont have the hands to build them. Many years of power lifting has given me unsteady hands lol You should watch me try and solder 7135s its like a comedy show lol.

I like the DQG Hobi MT-G2 its different i am usually all about functionality but i will let it slip with this light Big Smile

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I too have always enjoyed your modding threads. Of the two the EA4 is the one I like best as I love the Nichia leds.

Thank you for the give away and all of your contributions to the forum.


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I’ve come to appreciate the Klarus Mi7, and your mods to it were really inspiring. I especially liked the trite in the switch job. Sharp!

If I was to choose between the lights, it would have to be the EA4.

Congrats on the 4 YEARS ! And thanks for the GAW !

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Very nice work. I prefer Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI … excellent MOD.

Many Thanks!

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I really like how you put a mechanical switch into a Lumintop ti tool. Gets rid of the parasitic drain issue.

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that EA4 Triple Nichia look cool.
time to test my luck

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Oh man this is mean!
How can one choose with so many crazy beautiful mods?

Your brass magnetic work is so cooyour big LEDs in small lights too.
Impossible to choose but thosr darn rules Smile
So i choose the Olight cell tube conversion to MTG2

And if I win that modded Nitecore is sweet!

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In the last 2 GAWs that asked about mods, I both said my fav mod was your Klarus Mi7 Ti

This time I suppose I should look further:

Cube Tube:
Mule S2

I like the Mi7 mod on a practical view as it fixes the terrible side switch in the original, while I picked the Cube Tube and the Mule S2 because they’re adorable Big Smile

If I win the GAW, I’d like the big triple nichia one (though I really like the smaller light, I have quite a few smalls already; the big one would be much more useful in my case).

Thank you for the cool mods.

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I like copper and triple.
Nice copper Maratac CR123 Forward Clicky Tail Switch Thumbs Up
From the 2 prizes I think it’s CQG Bullet

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Too hard to pick just one of your builds. Like the thread where someone challenged us to only own One flashlight.

I have to go with CRX’s Magnetic Brass Art from the scratch made contest. Second would be your last GAW light. Thanks for the opportunities at a chance to win.

from this thread I would like to have the Nitecore

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I guess I’d have to say the ea4 for both the mod I like and my choice. It has me considering the possibilities of modding the v4a I gave to my mother then when it started exhibiting problems traded my ea41 for it. Maybe remove the ridges in the tube for a 26650, re-work the head, and install a triple or quad board and optics… the v4a might become something interesting.

edit: I was most impressed by your Brass Art scratch build but the question was “…tell me what mod I have done that you like.” and your Brass Art was much more than a mod.

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My favorite of yours has always been the K18 mod. I have one myself and love the thought of it looking and shining like that!

For this contest it’s a hard choice but I’ll go with the triple — always wanted one of those. Both are nice lights and you’re awesome for offering them. Thanks!

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This one is out of this world. I didn’t see anything like this. Love your builds and admire your skills.

BlockLight MT-G2

I would go with Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI

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CRX, congrats with the 4 years and all. Beer
Love your stuff. Thumbs Up

..waiting for parts..

Still looking for 5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)

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Congratulations on four years BLF member!
Difficult choice, but i’d go for the Nitecore

Good luck on the coming 4 years!

Thijsco19 wrote:

a regular symptom of flasholism Big Smile

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Thanks for the GAW and your great mods.

I like the Nitecore EA4 Triple Nichia 219C D260 83CRI

Thanks again! Thumbs Up

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It’s gonna be difficult to find my favourite of your mods; they are all so fantastic.However, this] one always comes to mind for some reason. Probably not the craziest you’ve done, nor the most difficult (?) but just goes to show that you think so differently than anyone else; you take the highly improbably, then do it anyways.

I like the CQG bullet. I need some trits in my life.