Convoy l6?

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Convoy l6?

What led color is preferred by most, the cool white or neutral white for the convoy l6?

Also does anyone know if there are any coupon codes for this light? Thanks.

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Welcome to BLF Bluetang!

I’d recommend getting a Neutral White LED for the Convoy L6, and I would think the vast majority of the forum would select NW too. My L6 has the N2-3A and I really like it.

With regards to the coupon code, have a look at either M4DM4X’s of FreeMe’s deal threads on this forum, they’ll have all the up to date codes including the Convoy L6.

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3A is a nice tint.

..waiting for parts..

Still looking for 5” parabolic reflector (for recoil light)

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Is there also a coupon code for the L2 ?

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I like the 5000K on mine

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Cool white seems to show moisture in the air more. Neutral will cut through the moisture in the air

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To me the cool white always seemed like “more light”, but I got my L6 in N2-3A to see what it’s like and that tint, in that light anyway, is growing on me.

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Got mine in 5c (4000k) as I like the warmer tints for outdoor use. 3a is probably the save choice, nice neutral all purpose tint.

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I have both cool and neutral (5000K). I personally like them both. The cool is a little brighter, while the neutral brings out the colors better than the cool white.

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Welcome to BLF!

It is personal but I like NW more, easier on the eyes

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+1 vote for neutral.

XHP70 is a very good low current LED… doesn’t tint shift as dramatically as others IMHO.