NLD/Review- Reylight Pineapple

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NLD/Review- Reylight Pineapple

Product name: ReyLight Brass Pineapple 219CT 9050 LED Flashlight
Emitter Type: 219CT 9050
Material: Brass
Mode: Moon,Low,Mid,High
Lumens: 0.2LM,5LM,30LM,110LM  (AA) 0.3LM,12LM,120LM,390LM (14500)
Runtime: 30days,50h,4.5h,1h (AA) 20days,15h,2h,40min (14500)
Battery Configurations: 1x AA/14500 protect battery
Switch Type: Clicky tail switch
Impact Resistant 1.5 meters
Reflector: Orange peel reflector
Carrying Clip: Anti-rolling Clip
Waterproof: IPX-8 waterpoof 2 meters
Weight: About 100g (without battery)
Size: 90mm x 18mm (length x body diameter)

First things first, this light was provided to me by in exchange for an objective review.

Photo album with beam shots and light comparison:

Where you can buy it:

This light comes packaged in a plush jewelry type box that makes it great for gift giving. The fit and finish on the Pineapple are great and is something I noticed right out of the box. The head and tail cap switch threads some lubricated from the factory and are very smooth. The metal tail switch is also pretty smooth with only a slight metal on metal feel that you get with other switches of similar type. Additionally the tails witch has a provision cut into it that will hold a tritium tube (1.5mm x 6mm) so you can add your own custom touch to it. The pocket clip is sturdy and fits under the tail switch which keeps it secure. It can be removed and installed without removing the o-ring on the tail switch. This light has a vary natural (yellow) Nichia emitter and a reverse clicky switch with no mode memory. It always comes on in moonlight mode and a quick half press while on moves you onto the next mode.

The orange peel reflector gives you a nice balance of spot and flood with only a slight ring noticable in medium and high mode. Moonlight mode is just enough to get a look at your watch or get a quick look at a map and high provides enough light to illuminate a trail or room in the the middle of the night. The lanyard attachment ring is part of the pocket clip and aids further in keeping the light from rolling while laying flat. The flush tail switch will also allow the light to tail stand if necessary. Machining throughout the lights parts is clean and smooth wile all electronics appear to be uniformly and cleanly installed. The battery tube is smooth inside providing almost no resistance for the Eneloop I am using.

As with all Nichia lights the beam is noticeably yellow compared to other lights. You can see size and beam comparisons between it and a couple of my other go to lights the Thrunite T10t and the Eagtac D25a Ti 2017. As mentioned earlier the metal tail switch does provide a little metal on metal feel, not nearly as much as the Thrunite T10t but enough to feel which makes me cringe regardless of the amount. The pocket clip on this one fits perfectly into one of the groves on the body. While this isn’t a big deal you have to be careful if you are removing the tail switch or you run the risk of scratching the body until there is enough room to hold it out of the way while unscrewing it. Another aspect that could be positive or negative depending on your stance on the subject is the heft of this light. It’s tough not to notice the weight right away but that also makes it feel solid. It’s a little chunky but I didn’t notice it any more than other lights while carrying it clipped into my jeans pocket.

Overall the Pineapple is a good choice if you are looking for a good quality, solid light. The beam is a little too yellow for me but that’s personal preference. The brass looks spectacular and would make a great addition to any gentleman’s EDC but I wouldn’t hesitate to throw it in the go bag and let it ride around either.

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Good pics! I love the Pineapple, will be one of the last I would part with…

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I believe the King Sago in your beam shots needs manganese .

Does it have Cycad Scale ?

Thanks for sharing .

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It sure does. I should have trimmed it also before pictures but all well, next time. Thanks for the tip.