Need Help Flashing Atiny25 MTN FET + 3175

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Need Help Flashing Atiny25 MTN FET + 3175

So I want to flash a different firmware onto my board.  I bought all the things to do it and read through this guide:


Only issue is that I am trying to flash a atin25 not a atiny13 chip.


The first thing to flash for bistro and similar firmwares is the battery check, run it , then the rest of the configuration stuff, check them etc.  Then finally the actual firmware.


I copied the batterycheck-25 hex file out of the repository:

I don't know how to get things to compile in atmel studio on windows so I was hoping I ould use the existing hex file.  I found I can use gitBash for a shell and execute AVRdude on windows.  There was a sentence about setting the correct fuse values based on the .c file, but I didn't really see anything for the atiny25 in the c file linked below.


I used 0x75 and 0xFF when executing the command.  It started to write to the chip but then error-ed out.  Something like 0xFF expected but found something else.  I figured I did something wrong so I want to delete the chip. but now I only get an error message, when trying to erase or check status.

Error is below: 


Does this mean I bricked the driver?  What did I do wrong?


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This errors comes if the clip does not make proper contact

If you flash to attiny 25 you got to change that in code

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Did you ever find a solution to this?

I made the same mistake of using the wrong fuse values while flashing my FT03.

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You have probably bricked your mcu. This can be undone but at what cost just to unbrick it might not be worth it to you. I know it can be done with Arduino and maybe a stk500.
It would probably be the easiest, it would for me anyways, to just replace the mcu with a brand new one and make sure you set the right fuses. Replacing the mcu and flashing with the correct firmware and setting the correct fusees should make it like new.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I was looking at HVP and I think you’re right. It’s going to be easier to just replace the mcu. Time to order a few attiny85’s