RAVPower or Anker Car Charger

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RAVPower or Anker Car Charger

Hi all,

Anyone have experience with either Anker Powerdrive or RAVPower series of USB car chargers? Looking for something budget friendly (shocking, I know!), but more importantly safe and with reasonable charge speed for iOS devices (2.4A). Open to other suggestions as well, but I didn’t any specific reviews on BLF for these models. HKJ didn’t seem to happy with most of the car USB chargers reviewed, so I’m wondering if anyone has found any good ones. Bonus, would be something to supply power for the XTAR SV2 I just ordered, though I’d likely need a proper usb cord for that. Weight and size is also a factor as I’ll be using this in rental cars while travelling.


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I haven’t bought specifically what you are asking about, but I bought an Anker USB battery pack (20,000mah) and a box of Anker USB micro cables off amazon and both purchases have been great. Will definitely buy Anker products again.

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Their build quality seems decent, so I thought they might be a safer bet then the questionable no-name ones, but of course they are considerably more expensive ($15-25 CAD).

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FWIW, I recently bought an Aukey (there was a coupon code on SlickDeals) with a QC2.0 port and it quick charges my Samsung S7. I only paid like $7 and it included a cable on Amazon.

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Thanks, Blitzwolf seems more economical, so I’ll check them out.

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just upgraded to an Aukey 28w solar panel and of the 10 various solar panels I’ve had its the best built.

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I have the previous version of Anker's Powerdrive 5 in my car. 40W with 5 ports, been doin' it's thing for about 3 years now without problems. What I like about it is the cable, means I can hide the usb part somwhere under the dash, while plugging the 12V plug into the accessory port.

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I started out using Anker until I discovered Blitzwolf. I’ve been extremely pleased with both. Also, from what I’ve seen Aukey and Blitzwolf might share an OEM.