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My dad is my idol,our common mania is the flashlight collection.

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My Father always taught me no pain no gain. I’ve found that to be true in life. Also what goes around comes around. Happy Father’s Day!

John 12:46 “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
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My father taught me to always work hard and to never take anything for granted. A great inspiration on all levels.

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I dont have any special memories around Fathers day. When I was young I probably gave something to my dad. Probably from my teens till I got married didnt give anything... Since I got married I started to give a little present each year.  What I learned: don't spend more money than you earn... Silly 

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Unfortunately my dad is a complete waste of a human, and always has been. Left when I was less than 1 year old then fraudulently tried to remortgage our house leaving my mother to pay 2 mortgages. Luckily he didn’t succeed. My lovely mum bless her only told me this last year! over 40 years later.
He wonders now why I don’t want anything to do with him, and why I won’t let my kids see him.
On a brighter note he did inspire me – to be the complete opposite of him Wink I have 2 kids now, 11 and 3 and a lovely wife of 16 years.

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When i was a child, my father was such a strict man. what i considered “having fun”, he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, he typically scolded me for it. I wanted the kind of father some of my friends had, they were allowed to have fun, the kind of fun teenagers have. As i have grown older and have teenagers myself, they think i am too strict. Im not in favor of them having the kind of fun “teenagers have”. I think they wish they had a father like some of their friends have.
Circle of life…Fathers (and Mothers) will always have the child’s best interest in mind, even if its seldom perceived as such by the child.
As a teenager, i never wanted to be like my dad. I think my children are thinking the very same thing….about me. You just wait… Life is a beautiful thing.
I am now smart enough to realize how dumb i was, my hope is that my children will feel the same way about them selves as they get “old enough”.
Now my dad is my Hero and i wish i could always be like him.

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My dad turned 86 last month. Growing up, we weren’t very close, but I still admired him.
Thirteen years ago, my mother passed away from ovarian cancer.
After her passing, my dad and I have become very close and I treasure each day with him.

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My dad is dead now, but I think of him many Many times every single day. Miss him Infinitely.

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My father inspired me to work smarter not harder Smile

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My dad taught me the meaning of patience. I recall as a kid sitting in the back seat of the car with him driving and my mom reaching over to honk the horn at someone that wasn’t driving the way she thought they should. I believe my dad was correct in not honking and exercising patience to prevent road rage that is so prevalent nowadays. Because of him, I too try to be more tolerant of those not driving the best.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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HaPpy FaThEr’S dAy to all cool dads here.. Just keep on shining..:)

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My father always told me to study and to be a good person.

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My dad taught me to be independent and respectful of others.

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My father always been just a figure in my life, I am nothing like him, and doing my best to be better father to my kids. They are now young, but hope that one day they can turn around and say something nice about their Old man.

Thanks for giveaway

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Still have my father – that’s the important thing (me, 49 – him, 83)

Thanks for the offer!

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My father, when i was still studying, never or rarely missed a day giving me some spare coins. After a schools done i have earmed myself a candy or two. As a boy this makes me happy.

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My father is hardworking man. He is great example of how to care for his family.

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The memory of my father will always have a special place in my heart.

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My dad has the greatest impact on my upbringing without a doubt. He inspired me to be like him in some ways, and to be different from him in some other ways.

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My father grew up in a rural , country orphanage. At most , his schooling was up to 5th-6th grade.
He worked on farms and lower types of jobs as a very young man , until he could get to the big city.
After time and much grinding work , he managed to open his own various types of businesses (3-4)
Along with the vital help of my mother (passed) acquire real estate .My father has now passed on.
Long story, short !—-There was the right way , the wrong way & His way ! He also taught me to make
it in life , you have to respect others and put in the time and work effort in order to have a chance !
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I admire the quality of the posts made here so far, it feels like we are all family here.

By the way, this giveaway is still until the 24th of this month.

To our non-English speaking members, any post will count still. Thumbs Up

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Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers here. I am fairly new father myself. My first Is just 13 months old.
I am thankful to have a loving and caring father. He has raised me to be a strong minded and respectful person.

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My father inspired me to be a good human.

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My father definitvely got me into flashlights, he had many of them.

-He always had in the car luggage box that old flashlight with big 4.5v cell. It was a toy for me and I always loved to play with it in the dark although it wasn’t near as brigh as our actual flashlights.

-There was another flashlight in the kitchen, always with a D cell inside, I don’t know if I’m only me but in the past there used to be more electricity cuts than nowadays.

I remember the day we went to a hardware store and he bought me a Brand new mini maglite with some AA’s, I think that was when I got into this flashlight addiction!

It’s funny and now my father loves to play with my flashlights when he comes to my house.

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My father always wanted to fix anything by himself. I follow that way.

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Although my dad passed away from lung cancer almost 12 years ago, this Father’s Day it struck me harder than it has in a long time. He was a quiet man, but he had incredible insight, and I find myself wanting his advice now more than ever. Then I reflect on the job I am doing being a father to my 15, 12, and 6-year old kids. It’s gratifying to see how they’re progressing in spite of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a reminder to me to do the things which will make them look up to me for insight and inspiration.

The Metalophile —-

Make hay while the sun shines. After it sets, get a good flashlight.

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My father always tell me to be a good person.

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my father always said when you have you own then you’ll undestand.

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My Father always said do best in my life. I really respect him!

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My father always said be fair and treat people the best you can and life should work itself out.