Stanley FL5W10 5w LED Spotlight for $12 at my local Sams Club

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Stanley FL5W10 5w LED Spotlight for $12 at my local Sams Club

I've had the SL5W09 for the last year and found it to be an OK thrower for the price (~$20 from Lowes during a  sale).  This one is a little bigger, brighter, and supposedly waterproof.  Reviews on Amazon are mixed (battery issues?)

but DIY Boat Owner liked it Smile

Not jazzed on the rotary switch, but the grip feels a lot better than the smaller SL5W09.  For $12 I couldn't resist.

Stanley FLW10





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Good price! but am not in the no no for me

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holy cow!  I love my sl5w09 - i took it apart and replaced the 6AAAs w/ 6AA Nimh.  I used a heated up utility knife to cut out struts on the inside.  wasn't easy, and the led power wires don't have much solder on them.

this is an incredible price - probably a mistake?!  I've hunted the web several times in the last year and figured I'd get one if I see it below 30 - but at this price I'd buy 3 and ruin 2 getting the battery and maybe emitter mod right:)

if my sam's club doesn't have them would you be interested in shipping a couple?  I'm in upstate NY...

thanks for posting!!!!

edit: could you post the sku?


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